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Spell check of wearisome

Correct spelling: wearisome

weariful, dumb, flat, verbose, uphill, onerous, demanding, monotonous, toilsome, colorless, jading, troublesome, dry, adverse, jejune, burdensome, windy, boring, stale, deadening, dense, humdrum, laborious, formidable, tight, drudging, arid, leaden, sluggish, tame, harsh, muffled, complicated, fussy, cantankerous, wearing, slow, hard, weary, unexciting, uninspired, contrary, severe, pedestrian, tiresome, grinding, ponderous, thudding, arduous, stuffy, difficult, dim, obtuse, wearying, cumbersome, bothersome, old, oppressive, excite, ticklish, finicky, irksome, tough, drear, dusty, dreary, muted, dull, monochromatic, rough, trivial, mundane, long-winded, softened, drab, tricky, rugged, uninteresting, mind-numbing, heavy, vapid, stressful, insipid, thorny, tiring, ho-hum, stodgy, commonplace, prosaic, strenuous, complex, knotty, wordy, trying, tedious, depressing, numbing.

captivating, amazing, intriguing, sensational, hair-raising, absorbing, astounding, provocative, attractive, eye-opening, diverting, entertaining, spectacular, wondrous, inspiring, rousing, arresting, thrilling, marvelous, rip-roaring, awesome, enthralling, attracting, moving, exhilarating, riveting, interesting, charming, surprising, energizing, suspenseful, fascinating, fabulous, stirring, enlivening, entrancing, involving, tantalizing, gripping, galvanizing, bewitching, wonderful, spellbinding, electrifying, invigorating, engrossing, mesmerizing, animating, breathtaking, stimulating, amusing, engaging, alluring, enchanting, touching, exciting, beguiling, astonishing, poignant.

Examples of usage:

1) The other column needed a much longer time for its wearisome march, turning finally eastward before it again reached the shore of the lake.

2) Some of these have been so often exposed that it would be only wearisome to allude again to them, were it not for the importance of being on guard at all times on all points against the crafty contrivings of the enemy.

3) Thou knowest that captivity is as wearisome to me as to a wild dove; yet as I sat here alone with naught to do, I followed a trail in my mind that led to Jamestown, and so I am minded to go thither." - "The Princess Pocahontas", Virginia Watson.