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Spell check of wash

Correct spelling: wash

filter, morass, burst, marsh, murmur, hang up, come over, spoil, cross up, AZ, smash, gush, rinse off, dull, maelstrom, flow, run, hold, lick, float, canyon, patina, gorge, surge, swampland, bubble bath, boil, finish, washout, hose down, disinfect, launder, scrub, ablutions, lap up, deepen, down, rinse, bog, heave, B.C., linen, band, drift, wash drawing, wash-off, neaten, destroy, channel, color, dry, wash away, order, marshland, muffle, dry wash, CA, swash, ebb, shading, undulation, sink, AK, laundry, purify, course, B.O., help, tidy, moisten, move, drizzle, clean up, fleck, lip, delouse, swish, grow, flush, wreck, swosh, washing, in, brush, come in, come out, flush out, splash, dry cleaner's, bankrupt, eddy, demolish, bathe, sponge, valley, stand up, Alas., coating, slough, moor, drip-dry, body odor, wet, tone down, wave, gulch, grip, discoloration, aftermath, dry-clean, dot, backwash, bubble, break, swirl, dash, pulse, drip, clean, Ark., dust, wipe, undo, AL, dampen, blaze, sweep over, roll, wash out, torpedo, scour, current, gurgle, mute, break down, subspecies, air, weaken, ruin, lap, sweep, lave, stifle, wake, prove out, flop, true, engulf, liquid, sterilize, total, deaden, burble, speck, race, hang out, catch, crest, sanitize, cast up, ravine, lavation, wrack, swill, washables, wash up, mire, AR, point, slipstream, Ala., rain out, clear, cleanse, wetland, muskeg, fen, swoosh, purge, rush, heighten, airstream, swab, soften, mop, damp, dud, raceway, come off, gargle, dhobi, bath, shatter, Ariz..

sully, taint, bespatter, besmear, deprave, soil, befoul, stain, corrupt, spoil, defile, pollute, debase, contaminate, vitiate, besmirch.

Examples of usage:

1) He fastened an end of the wash- line to one of the limbs of the tree and then to another, and so on all around the lion. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) She begged him to let her wash his wound and to tell her how he came by it. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) Nell had to go to the tent to wash herself. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.