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Spell check of war

Correct spelling: war

strike, bombardment, Armistice Day, sea, scuffle, bloodshed, the Axis, skirmish, chemical, civil, battle, push-button, thrust, offense, amphibious, engagement, assault, foray, dedication, strain, siege, aerial, disaccord, effort, friction, raid, fighting, biological, antebellum, sortie, misunderstanding, shooting, disagreement, competition, blitzkrieg, faction, war of nerves, the Bay of Pigs, bacteriological, challenge, violence, germ, work, naval, hostility, pursuit, Armageddon, difficulty, infighting, ground, drive, barrage, jihad, warpath, fight, disharmony, dissent, Benedict Arnold, crusade, conflict, holy war, onslaught, outbreak, match, contest, aggression, corrivalry, quarrel, psychological, campaign, heavy lifting, exertion, atomic, mission, strife, dissidence, offensive, the Berlin Wall, division, race, guerrilla, striving, schism, care, total, the Battle of Britain, controversy, cold, three-dimensional, free-for-all, attack, rivalry, Auschwitz, combat, discordance, preventive, variance, face-off, undertaking, fury, dogfight, hostilities, nuclear, confrontation, incursion, contend, guerre, land, riot, discordancy, contention, scramble, state of war, furor, inharmony, hot war, disunion, struggle, belligerency, clash, defensive, tug of war, world, tirade, tilt, wrestle, storm, tussle, argument, religious, charge, dispute, conflagration, dissonance, hot, grapple, duel, dissentience, discord, invasion, pitched battle, ball game, sweepstakes, spasm, frenzy, difference, disunity, limited, dissension, political, warfare, trench, Allied, revolutionary.

concord, disarmament, cooperation, calm, demilitarization, peacefulness, concurrence, accord, pacification, peace, tranquillity, concordance, make peace, cease-fire, truce, demobilization, harmony, agreement.

Examples of usage:

1) So they declared open war on M. Thiers. - "A History of the Third French Republic", C. H. C. Wright.

2) You know you'd like to go to war. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.