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Spell check of vitality

Correct spelling: vitality

dynamism, energy, gas, health, vivification, body, sap, potency, ginger, pep, divine spark, psyche, juice, hardiness, beans, oomph, nature, invigoration, breath, spirit, spunk, life force, sturdiness, verve, stoutness, robustness, ardor, aliveness, might, stability, briskness, soul, endurance, wholesomeness, moxie, muscle, vinegar, brawn, color, esprit, exuberance, gusto, life, animation, starch, haleness, sprightliness, bite, living, zest, huskiness, vital force, bounce, tired, continuity, vigour, liveliness, vigorousness, lifeblood, clout, action, zeal, drive, go, dash, inspiration, well-being, lustiness, creation, zip, vigor, mystery, zing, novelty, fascination, hardihood, muscularity, power, spark, Elan Vital, push, firmness, team spirit, fervor, buzz, vibrance, snap, brio, jazziness, strength, punch, fitness, salubriousness, stamina, venturesomeness, toughness, audacity, vim, enthusiasm, peppiness, intensity, get-up-and-go, vibrancy, spiritedness.

feebleness, sleepiness, listlessness, frailty, languor, laziness, debility, indolence, torpor, slightness, infirmity, faintness, vapidness, powerlessness, frailness, limpness, inanition, debilitation, languidness, delicacy, impassivity, tedium, softness, lifelessness, impotence, torpidity, apathy, dullness, tenderness, puniness, disablement, tediousness, weariness, spiritlessness, exhaustion, weakness, enfeeblement, lethargy, prostration, sluggishness, inactivity, impotency, enervation, pallidness, vapidity, anemia.

Examples of usage:

1) No such change could have taken place without a great increase in the vitality of the people. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) It's hard to say- something depends, of course, on her natural vitality. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) But no knowledge of the actual causes could destroy the illusion that the lights were informed with an intelligent vitality. - "Command", William McFee.