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Spell check of view

Correct spelling: view

good deal, stack, military position, image, aquatint, situation, spot, arrest, author, look out, countenance, scan, demeanor, go out, creed, panorama, abstract, clear, supervision, estimate, deal, trust, audit, get word, raft, diorama, moot, bas-relief, count, berth, bring in, representation, peck, enamor, visualise, expectation, believe, trance, inspect, access, count on, suck up, bewitch, perspective, depend, glance, look at, composition, postulate, come across, reconnoiter, prospect, sensible horizon, earn, prognosis, ingest, make, grab, get a line, principle, meaning, take in, say, project, vision, popular opinion, go steady, dogma, thought process, determine, display, pile, dip, position, visual sense, intention, descry, spectacle, interpret, suppose, enamour, visual modality, channel surfing, overtake, eyewitness, office, side, overhear, stead, collage, perceivable, mien, great deal, hear, perceptible, gull, lot, fool, survey, post, get wind, belief, watch over, cartoon, ken, hitch, look-see, dupe, peek, realise, cyclorama, ascertain, reproduction, discover, sketch, block, mountain, shot, tenet, put one over, regard, gain, sight see, suasion, certitude, cipher, sight, canvas, draw, location, surveillance, form, apparent horizon, positioning, mass, learn, study, place, see to it, escort, examine, judgement, flip through, catch, insure, stare, approach, viewpoint, appearance, meet, lookout, illustration, realize, get, listen in, slew, spate, call in, perceive, doctrine, tantrum, sentiment, end, mickle, cod, status, vox populi, show, mind, flick through, hatful, oversight, capture, batch, peer, suck in, inspection, command, put one across, aim, faith, put on, air, object, thought, spy, consume, outlook, objective, impression, passel, look, cerebration, espionage, sense, review, control, backdrop, face, emplacement, skyline, scenery, witness, quite a little, spectate, fit, work out, encounter, stand, horizon, run into, go through, aspect, planned, entrance, public opinion, obvious, eye, heap, conviction, see, visit, consider, conceive, deliberate, attitude, purview, mark, ensure, soak up, facial expression, adhere to, invite, stretch, bearing, conniption, watch out, call up, incline, tidy sum, pull in, peep, lieu, opinion, construe, origination, watch, receive, glare, audience, experience, attend, logic, mess, overview, scrutiny, daub, purpose, in sight, keep an eye on, celestial horizon, date, eyeshot, gander, framework, collect, mindset, forecast, visible horizon, hold, wad, calculate, absorb, guess, slang, facet, assimilate, picture, setting, browse, archive, befool, visualize, investigate, resume, preview, follow, captivate, placement, point, compute, burn, perusal, school of thought, reconnaissance, self-assessment, intent, shape, opine, think, going-over, intellection, medical prognosis, burn in, reckon, sop up, chance, trip up, bet, distance, verdict, look around, reputation, understand, ambition, checkup, notion, target, take care, design, flock, credence, contemplate, locating, gather in, gaze, envision, tableau, couch potato, imbibe, back up, weigh, landscape, avenue, run across, opening, have, ruling, becharm, stance, charm, mentation, persuasion, figure, thinking, examination, linear perspective, fascinate, enchant, take hold of, glimpse, caricature, look on, fancy, pragmatism, doodle, debate, vista, take up, involve, posture, billet, candidate, check, adopt, spatial relation, catch up with, diptych, legal opinion, discern, idea, flip, dip into, take, judgment, plenty, voyeurism, observe, affect, way, mint, find out, feeling, beguile, behold, cypher, assure, scene, pick up, muckle, find, believe in, cast, contemplation, why, imagine, check on, goal, expression, philosophy, turn over.

fact, truth.

Examples of usage:

1) The young man they were after had gone over in full view. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) " Mother-" " Try to take your father's view of this matter. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) But many of the Samburus, in view of the fact that their king Faru remained at the lake, did not want to rise, and these said among themselves: " Why should we go to meet death when she herself will come to us?" - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.