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Spell check of vent

Correct spelling: vent

abandon, windpipe, expel, evolve, exhaust, give out, emanate, press release, runoff, bar, rid, snip, outcome, active, seethe, shed, dismission, crest, electrical outlet, blowhole, volcanic, forsake, cleft, jilt, loss, capitulate, show, orifice, let off, beak, shoot, flue, abyss, cavity, dormant, secrete, retail store, renounce, opening, spew, waive, outlet, express, discharge, throw out, sound, smoke hole, radiate, aerate, electric receptacle, vomit, vocalize, ventiduct, cast, vent-hole, abdicate, say, breathing hole, erupt, forgo, free, part with, emit, give vent, sacking, exodus, blackball, evacuate, dispose, going, clip, loose, arm, crop, open, publicise, reject, utter, curtail, exclude, trash, button, seep, departure, buttonhole, raise, run off, give forth, channel, mouth, egress, check, disown, irradiate, armhole, convey, disgorge, acquittance, drain, spillage, talk, expire, give, excise, air shaft, comb, bib, drainage, words, waiver, dismissal, venthole, aperture, communicate, wall socket, fume, collar, liberation, transmit, volcano, unleash, chimney, articulate, leave, scrap, cockscomb, tell, let out, care label, relegate, disclaim, bill, mercantile establishment, move, drop, outgo, handout, discard, breast pocket, spout, lop, way out, look, deep-six, molding, air out, electric outlet, sales outlet, release, outflow, belch, give off, bodice, publicize, flare, surrender, cranny, state, dispel, cull, voice, bare, disapprove, eliminate, exhale, exude, freeing, down, chop, blow up, tone ending, jettison, send, efflux, air, shear, expiration, deny, disallow, put, send forth, crater, vacate, oppugn, excrete, let go, coattails, cut, lava, touchhole, ventilate, eject, depart, desert, junk, feather, firing, exit, declare, extinct, cancel, expound, spill, relinquish, dismiss, issue, storm, broadcast, air pipe, beam, sack, verbalize, wall plug, blacklist, gizzard, passing, throw off.

absorb, still, allay, pocket, sponge, soak, tame, control, bridle, suppress, restrict, inhale, manage, pull in, govern, soothe, hold back, rein, stifle, quiet, repress, muffle, check, contain, handle, curb, quell, bottle, strangle, choke, smother, take up, constrain, restrain, lull, censor, inhibit.

Examples of usage:

1) Scarcely had the words died on her lips when Kitty Coyle gave vent to a scream of terror that brought the mourners to the door and terrified those outside. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) He was willing, however, to vent his desire for revenge on this one man. - "For Every Man A Reason", Patrick Wilkins.

3) Jack removed the tray and set it on the floor, opening his eyes with astonishment, and giving vent to a startled exclamation at the same time. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.