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Spell check of variety

Correct spelling: variety

mutation, mélange, people, revolution, concoction, ragout, regeneration, mismatch, categorisation, divergence, admixture, commixture, race, hotchpotch, compartmentalization, potpourri, manner, art, lot, olla podrida, montage, assortment, series, choreography, inequality, Broadway, farrago, phase, designation, divergency, crazy quilt, version, nature, distinction, set, physique, kind, chassis, complexity, form, clan, innovation, mannequin, disaccord, clutter, omnium-gatherum, anatomy, genus, departure, mixed bag, categorization, transformation, intermixture, tragedy, muddle, miscellany, salmagundi, multifariousness, like, change, dissemblance, counterpoint, category, vicissitude, stew, equality, kingdom, disunity, botch, rummage, breed, polymorphism, same, soma, garland, grade, salad, discrepancy, vaudeville, distinctness, kidney, improvisation, mime, excitement, make, disparity, jungle, persuasion, theater, patchwork quilt, feather, caste, descriptor, tumble, variance, transition, brand, order, family, variety show, denomination, multiplicity, label, renewal, strain, grab bag, compartmentalisation, diversity, description, cast, style, spectacle, hash, gumbo, similarity, characterization, panorama, type, scene, skit, ragbag, burlesque, pageant, contrast, division, variegation, stock, difference, agglomerate, suspense, rank, show, welter, conflict, genotype, frame, contradiction, degree, manikin, tribe, pastiche, mannikin, material body, build, presentation, shuffle, deviation, jumble, flesh, line, hodgepodge, gallimaufry, motley, course, mystery, species, human body, scramble, medley, group, contour, florilegium, miscellaneousness, sort, ilk, var., jambalaya, miscellanea, comedy, drama, shape, manakin, novelty, classification, configuration, rendering, sorting, class, diverseness, abnormality, physical body, alphabet soup, discord, mixing, patchwork, macédoine, clash, aberration, collage, renewing, genre, shift, alteration, fluctuation, agglomeration, grain, diversification, stamp, manifoldness, smorgasbord, signifier, heterogeneity, melodrama, ballet, conglomeration, variation, mixture, pattern, mold, menagerie, variant, figure, transmutation, level, phylum, olio, conformation, pantomime, conversion, step, asymmetry, litter, incongruity, bod, word form, mishmash, multiformity, character, stripe, variousness, production, taxonomy, modification, heterogeneousness, collect, dissimilarity, mix, digression.

fixedness, unchangeableness, likeness, paucity, homogeneousness, sameness, homogeneity, constancy, similarity, fewness, identity, continuance, persistence, uniformity, invariability, steadiness, fixity, firmness, permanence.

Examples of usage:

1) The yard was covered with some rank and worthless variety of grass, which was tangled and long. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) I decided on the latter course for the sake of variety. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.

3) Variety continued to be an important quality of farm work. - "Frying Pan Farm", Elizabeth Brown Pryor.