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Spell check of variant

Correct spelling: variant

kind, nisus, irregular, form, shape, unstable, flesh, var., change, rendering, collocate, sort, various, bod, stock, signifier, cast, breed, mirror image, fluid, variance, connective, manakin, stochastic variable, class, different, discordant, disparate, copy, discrepancy, anatomy, mixed, descriptor, carbon copy, confused, contour, air, argot, diverse, song, double, pas seul, pattern, echo, mannequin, course, chassis, soma, variation, conglomerate, variable, melodic phrase, phase, melody, same, interpretation, miscellaneous, random variable, contraction, derivation, alterable, conformation, interlingual rendition, figure, variableness, changeable, mannikin, antonym, magnetic declination, variate, straining, disagreement, uncertain, sport, tune, human body, mental strain, unsteady, differing, word form, cognate, division, build, stress, magnetic variation, frame, catchword, translation, reading, unsettled, parallel, physique, mutation, version, equivalent, strain, match, divergence, variability, edition, variety, clone, striving, configuration, grade, tenor, fluctuation, divergent, line, back formation, pains, chance variable, nervous strain, adaptation, mingled, manikin, exceptional, approximation, unlike, physical body, buzzword, material body, inconstant, melodic line, dissimilar, heterogeneous, mutable, mutant.

identical, pure, homogeneous, like, uniform, invariable, same, similar, alike.

Examples of usage:

1) We find he has actually penned in the side margin of the drawing the words " othaw fellaw," we suppose as a possible variant to " scientific fellow," and in the legend the word " other" has been written over with a thickened termination-" aw." - "George Du Maurier, the Satirist of the Victorians", T. Martin Wood.

2) An expansive gaiety was his normal mood, and for years the only variant was a terrible and overwhelming indignation with all his world. - "Peccavi", E. W. Hornung.

3) No editor of a text would under similar circumstances take account of so rare a variant. - "Europa's Fairy Book", Joseph Jacobs.