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Spell check of vainglorious

Correct spelling: vainglorious

fully grown, liberal, giving, great, self-important, consequential, expectant, superior, freehanded, pretentious, self-praising, crowing, egotistic, biggety, prominent, with child, smug, complacent, bombastic, big, bad, handsome, openhanded, gravid, fat-headed, boastful, enceinte, braggy, inflated, heavy, self-opinionated, bighearted, haughty, assured, grownup, magnanimous, bragging, swellheaded, egotistical, stuck-up, full-grown, bounteous, braggart, grown, immodest, self-satisfied, self-applauding, bigheaded, self-aggrandising, narcissistic, egocentric, adult, conceited, windy, bountiful, self-aggrandizing, Midland, large, important, prideful, egoistic, proud, arrogant, overweening, self-conceited, egoistical, patronizing, pompous, swelled, cock-a-hoop, self-love, vain.

humble, unassuming, retiring, self-reproving, modest, shy, meek, bashful, timid, diffident, mousy, demure, shrinking, unpretentious, overmodest, unassertive, introverted, down-to-earth, sheepish.

Examples of usage:

1) You see, she might be a very good woman, and yet have no sense of humor; she might be very charitable, and also a little vainglorious about it; she might have very exalted ideas of duty, and be a trifle hard on those who did not come up to her standards; but in Miss Francie's case these qualifications haven't to be put in at all. - "Prince Fortunatus", William Black.

2) When He would teach the beauty of humility it is by putting a little child in the midst of His arrogant and vainglorious disciples, that the child may become the living and memorable parable of His sentiments. - "The Empire of Love", W. J. Dawson.

3) There is little credit to be got from charity; for if you conceal your good deeds it is certain that nobody will suspect you of doing them, and if you do them before the world every one will say that you are vainglorious and purse- proud, and altogether a dangerous hypocrite. - "Paul Patoff", F. Marion Crawford.