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Spell check of vagabond

Correct spelling: vagabond

trudge, perambulatory, verify, crop, drifter, rate, throw, itinerant, digress, pasture, floater, revolve, spue, wrap, seethe, swan, spew, stray, passenger, throw away, purge, redact, undirected, ranging, set out, footslog, straddle, nomad, place, drop, peripatetic, rootless, roll out, roll up, adrift, rank, float, divagate, thread, roving, explorer, run, shake off, migratory, musca volitans, shed, wayfaring, disgorge, turn over, spots, unsettled, freewheel, cheat on, twine, regurgitate, mould, vomit up, transient, affirm, grade, rover, sick, ambulant, array, trekking, shifting, wandering, migrant, range, jog, floating policy, lay out, hustle, browse, cat, gallivanting, couch, caravan, cheat, tourist, draw, honk, weave, traveling, wave, puke, swear, order, chuck, trekker, business traveler, ramble, floating, drift, pluck, journeyer, peregrine, avow, flap, ambulatory, nomadic, frame, pad, straggling, rove, aver, meander, rambling, betray, retch, graze, traveler, camp follower, undulate, coach party, slog, fugitive, bird of passage, backpacker, cast, wheel, be sick, wind, put, errant, companion, commuter, mold, roam, directionless, regorge, muscae volitantes, wander, tramping, ramble on, throw off, roaming, cuckold, journeying, hurtle, blow, project, wayfarer, dude, roll, be adrift, hurl, throw up, plod, planless, aimless, move, moving, drifting, vomit, afloat, assert, err, contrive, vagrant, rudderless, voyager, cast off, upchuck.

nonmoving, static, settled, motionless, still, stationary, immobile, standing.

Examples of usage:

1) As the months and years of his childish life passed, he grew more and more independent and vagabond. - "The Rough Road", William John Locke.

2) " Shiver my timbers, if she hasn't got hold of that vagabond. - "Paddy Finn", W. H. G. Kingston.

3) They are, as you're doubtless aware, free blacks, who live an independent vagabond life on the mountains, and are too ignorant and savage to know that they have no chance of success." - "Paddy Finn", W. H. G. Kingston.