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Spell check of uphold

Correct spelling: uphold

proceed, bar, extend, serve, protect, get behind, upraise, counter, instigate, affirm, heave, benefit, allow, exert, stay on, barricade, justify, help, shore, safeguard, asseverate, push, come to, avail, advocate, maintain, abet, observe, keep on, undergird, counterattack, answer, promote, deal, preserve, continue, support, persist in, backfire, go forward, back up, agree with, go on, cover, ward, conduct, shelter, guard, relate, stand behind, secure, crane, carry, uplift, touch, act up, sustain, respond, uprear, speak up for, favor, ally, lift, conserve, oppose, carry on, prop, elevate, raise, claim, heft, recommend, return, resist, assist, remain, appear, sympathize, underpin, rebut, screen, rear, bear on, succor, refer, side with, defend, police, hinge, bring, keep, heighten, shield, concern, call, argue, assert, retort, keep up, brace, stay, wield, embolden, cite, plump for, buttress, confirm, impact, reply, avert, retain, pertain, rise, take up, endorse, affect, countenance, touch on, pick up, arraign, hold, save, bolster, encourage, incite, stand by, perk, align, up, hoist, foster, go along, buoy, buffer, bear, boost, hike, bring before, champion, appeal, fend, aid, back, sanction, bear upon, jack.

deter, cease, baffle, forsake, abjure, confound, hinder, counteract, frustrate, take back, recant, refute, quit, lay off, lower, depress, controvert, disprove, switch, push, descend, drop, disconcert, stop, abandon, bear, slip, expose, fall, sink, impede, reverse, pitch, retract, submerge, dip, dissuade, give up, disapprove, discourage, plunge, denounce, rebut, withdraw, discontinue, press, obstruct.

Examples of usage:

1) Those who uphold the hypothesis of a fluid interior think the undulatory motion experienced at the surface is caused by movements in the underlying molten mass- an earthquake being thus 'the reaction of the liquid nucleus against the outer crust. - "Geology", James Geikie.

2) For if our love is not such as will uphold an engagement, it will sink of itself; and if it is true as we believe it to be, then it may last eternally. - "The Maid of Maiden Lane", Amelia E. Barr.

3) They are antagonistic systems and uphold antagonistic authorities. - "Marital Power Exemplified in Mrs. Packard's Trial, and Self-Defence from the Charge of Insanity", Elizabeth Parsons Ware Packard.