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Spell check of unwind

Correct spelling: unwind

loosen, depressurise, depressurize, unroll, slack up, unbend, limber up, unfurl, tauten, disencumber, unsnarl, sit back, chill, mellow, chill out, undo, separate, free, relax, unloose, laze, untangle, de-stress, idle away, calm down, uncompress, lounge around, unstrain, comb out, bask, play out, rest, loosen up, unreel, unwrap, decelerate, unravel, warm up, give, loose, straighten, make relaxed, slow up, disembroil, unstuff, tighten, extricate, slow down, wind down, decompress, unlax, stretch, slow, comb, slacken, recline, straighten out, disinvolve, continue, disentangle, wind off, slack, while away, slip.

tense up, wind, wrap, twine, strain, roll, tense.

Examples of usage:

1) Yet, surely Sorrow's arms unwind From this tired heart, and dark distress Fades softly . - "The Inn of Dreams", Olive Custance.

2) The kerchief was all screwed up now, so tightly that it could stiffly unwind of itself. - "The Vertical City", Fannie Hurst.

3) It takes him a long time to unwind it, and he accomplishes the task with many slow gyrations of his enormous rough head. - "Adventures In Contentment", David Grayson AKA: Ray Stannard Baker.