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Spell check of unremarkable

Correct spelling: unremarkable

everyday, quotidian, ordinary, undistinguished, mediocre, plain, formulaic, stock, workaday, commonplace, garden-variety, cut-and-dried, usual, terrene, good, standard-issue, mundane, indifferent, run-of-the-mill, garden, routine, daily, terrestrial, normal, casual, unexceptional, average, standard, prosaic, common.

freakish, quaint, kooky, atypical, salient, conspicuous, singular, aberrant, outstanding, unparalleled, prominent, novel, oddball, recherché, freak, weird, offbeat, way-out, unconventional, eccentric, Kafkaesque, scarce, funny, unusual, wacky, rare, far-out, irregular, nonconformist, extraordinary, unorthodox, striking, outré, anomalous, unexampled, abnormal, odd, unprecedented, outrageous, peculiar, phenomenal, fantastic, wild, bizarre, signal, out-of-the-way, untypical, curious, exceptional, unique, notable, strange, idiosyncratic.

Examples of usage:

1) Lady Mary was late- an unremarkable circumstance, since Lady Mary was a woman, and less remarkable than ordinarily for the reason that Lady Mary had met Sir Richard Haredale on the way. - "The Sins of Séverac Bablon", Sax Rohmer.

2) And then my eyes fell on a paragraph which at first I had overlooked- a modest, brief despatch tucked away in a corner, and unremarkable, except for its strange date- line. - "Captain Macklin", Richard Harding Davis.

3) Yet it was not so unremarkable that when, at a little before eleven, he watched a sleigh pull up at the door below and saw Ivan alight from it, Monsieur de Windt should be glad of the three flights of stairs that would assure perfect steadiness in the voice that must cry out the heartiest of congratulations. - "The Genius", Margaret Horton Potter.