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Spell check of unpretentious

Correct spelling: unpretentious

subdued, naive, plain, self-deprecating, abashed, self-effacing, meek, unpretending, mild, muted, stark, bald, sober, straightforward, genuine, plain-spoken, real, down-to-earth, sincere, sheepish, low-key, ordinary, true, innocent, unadorned, honest, casual, candid, unflashy, homely, unobtrusive, selfless, ingenuous, outspoken, direct, unpompous, blunt, demure, folksy, unassuming, uncluttered, lowly, plebeian, restrained, informal, simple, conservative, prosaic, understated, repressed, unostentatious, undemanding, toned-down, intelligible, humble, artless, natural, quiet, unpoetical, apologetic, unaffected, low-profile, frank, clear, submissive, modest, contrite.

dominating, high-and-mighty, assuming, subtle, dissimulating, vain, uninhibited, conceited, uppish, la-di-da, nouveau-riche, overbearing, superior, cynical, sententious, boastful, stuck-up, high-flown, patronizing, smug, dishonest, portentous, presumptuous, grandiose, hoity-toity, overdone, supercilious, flaring, egotistic, immodest, false, huffish, frilly, cunning, outgoing, overblown, assertive, slippery, fastuous, bombastic, sophisticated, ornate, smooth, overweening, parvenue, showy, devious, self-centered, overconfident, arch, magisterial, critical, mealymouthed, knavish, high-sounding, slick, self-assertive, swank, bumptious, crafty, impudent, fake, two-faced, shrewd, graceless, sycophantic, artful, self-complacent, overdecorated, artsy-craftsy, impertinent, flashy, dominant, self-confident, insincere, inelegant, fancy, audacious, mistrustful, noisy, trashy, self-important, sharp, vulgar, presuming, baroque, disdainful, self-conceited, overwrought, cocksure, rococo, arty-crafty, pontificating, sly, toplofty, condescending, artificial, tawdry, dissembling, extroverted, manipulative, vainglorious, crooked, cultivated, flattering, swaggering, ostentatious, tacky, brassy, narcissistic, self-asserting, calculating, garish, gilded, canny, flamboyant, razzle-dazzle, pompous, inflated, chesty, phony, high-handed, meretricious, strained, glitzy, deceitful, huffy, upstart, domineering, forward, sesquipedalian, shifty, arrogant, self-obsessed, cheeky, hifalutin, cultured, guileful, feigned, confident, unctuous, hypocritical, gaudy, cosmopolitan, civilized, skeptical, wily, egocentric, wary, refined, deceptive, underhanded, highfaluting, double-dealing, affected, unreserved, splashy, imperious, arty, highfalutin, jumped-up, forced, high-hat, egoistic, aggressive, prideful, pontifical, peremptory, designing, haughty, lordly, braggy, worldly-wise, grandiloquent, saucy, tasteless, brash, worldly, suspicious, scheming, polished, self-satisfied, pretentious, tricky, loud, foxy, parvenu, bold, uppity.

Examples of usage:

1) It was unpretentious- nothing the world would call great. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) His court, while it is one of the most unpretentious, is yet one of the most refined in Europe. - "Due North or Glimpses of Scandinavia and Russia", Maturin M. Ballou.

3) Kazem played the part so well that he even began to think that he was this shy, vulnerable, unpretentious, and caring person despite trying circumstances. - "Corpus of a Siam Mosquito", Steven Sills.