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Spell check of unperceptive

Correct spelling: unperceptive

dead, insensible, faint, unseeing, blind, indiscriminating, soporific, unperceiving, insentient, oblivious, trance-like, senseless, uncomprehending, callous, unconscious, blacked out, dull, unfeeling, undiscriminating, swooning, insensitive, unwise, comatose, aloof, impercipient, purblind, narcotic, unobservant, anesthetized, numb.

discriminating, contemplative, quick-sighted, incisive, cerebral, apprehensive, sagacious, piercing, sharp-eyed, learned, subtle, thoughtful, sapient, brilliant, observing, shrewd, understanding, reflective, discerning, erudite, penetrating, quick, sharp, literate, perceptive, acute, smart, astute, intelligent, penetrative, insightful, observant, sage, quick-witted, sharp-sighted, perspicacious, nimble, scholarly, apperceptive, clever, keen, brainy, percipient, bright, knifelike.

Examples of usage:

1) It brooded there, apparently unperceptive of the difference of this resting place from the one that it had abandoned; its dull globes of eyes looked as if sight was the last purpose for which they were intended. - "Mount Music", E. Oe. Somerville and Martin Ross.

2) October 12, 1771. John Murray, Earl of Dunmore, dissolved the General Assembly of 1769- 1771 after coming to Virginia on September 25, 1771. Dunmore, Virginia's last British Governor, was an unperceptive and timorous man, a man who could do nothing to still the coming storm that rent an Empire. - "The Road to Independence: Virginia 1763-1783", Virginia State Dept. of Education.