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Spell check of unity

Correct spelling: unity

unison, indivisibility, balance, amity, compound, congruence, iodin, adept, comprehensiveness, consonancy, connection, similarity, combination, consent, uniformity, symmetry, purity, embodiment, conformity, genius, organization, collectivity, undamaged, haleness, inseparability, good, consonance, holism, compact, singleness, adherence, whole, total, consolidation, rapport, composite, diversity, concordance, intactness, maven, one, homogeneity, concord, understanding, integration, sum, hotshot, element, harmony, virtuoso, everyone, angiotensin-converting enzyme, unbroken, champion, ace, superstar, federation, singularity, difference, identity, deal, exhaustiveness, bingle, consensus, wholeness, part, allness, fundamentality, completeness, unanimity, integrity, everybody, perfect, solidarity, thoroughness, accord, single, wizard, star, agreement, 1, symphony, universe, agree, totality, union, equivalence, plenum, alliance, indissolubility, well-preserved, untainted, proportion, mavin, common ground, atom, sameness, ensemble, whiz, entirety, coincidence, coherence, concurrence, coalition, correspondence, cohesiveness, i, wiz, contract, whizz, consistency, oneness, universality, unimpaired, simplicity, continuity, intact, confederation, unification, orchestration, accordance, everything, aggregation, congruity, assemble, entireness, sensation, uniqueness, atomic number 53, conjugation, iodine, tune, connectedness, cohesion, fullness, concinnity, bargain.

disagreement, discordance, opposition, disconnectedness, asymmetry, inconsistency, disproportion, disturbance, disunity, contention, contest, incoherence, dissension, imbalance, antagonism, hostility, disorganization, difference, conflict, variance, incompatibility, disjointedness, battle, schism, incongruity, warfare, discord, separation, violence, controversy, confusion, unevenness, disunion, dissonance, irregularity, tension.

Examples of usage:

1) The future of the German nation, its unity, its freedom, its development, were practical questions of the hour. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) It was manifest that there was no unity of purpose, or action among them. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.

3) I will not attempt to repeat the reasons found in every text- book of mental philosophy and moral science to show its unity. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.