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Spell check of uneven

Correct spelling: uneven

tetchy, venal, patched, incoherent, left, abrasive, loose, on-off, jumbled, slantwise, inchoate, disorderly, skewed, discontinuous, broken, common, pebbly, disorganized, blurry, unbalanced, crinkly, winding, cock-a-hoop, scraggy, personal, asymmetric, unsportsmanlike, disproportionate, rugged, divergent, disordered, unjust, patchy, anarchical, spotted, unrhythmical, crazy, inclined, inconstant, deranged, insane, unmatched, varying, jagged, changing, stop-start, ragged, disparate, corporate, notched, atilt, spasmodic, nettlesome, inconsistent, irritable, tilted, askew, remaining, continue, curious, unmated, variable, untrue, lax, irregular, undisciplined, frantic, pettish, formless, simple, lumpy, spotty, contrasting, bumpy, unjustifiable, intermittent, singular, biased, testy, harsh, capricious, peckish, disarrayed, inequitable, lopsided, leftover, unequal, foul, mismatched, discriminatory, prejudiced, jerky, fitful, obscure, gravelly, discomposed, shapeless, discrete, embroiled, nonuniform, cluttered, wavy, cranky, messy, listing, asymmetrical, techy, peevish, unlike, rum, funny, anarchistic, deformed, fuzzy, cockeyed, cragged, coarse, distinct, amorphous, grating, bursty, eccentric, fractious, diverse, disintegrated, rippled, distributed, out of true, frenzied, ironbound, one-sided, different, separate, pitched, confused, peculiar, cross-grained, undivided, unsteady, various, scratchy, sporadic, crinkled, conflicting, among, muddled, off-kilter, tipping, left over, wavelike, rambunctious, partisan, disconnected, unsymmetrical, unsystematic, roughened, tumultuous, unexpended, raspy, rummy, tempestuous, out of control, scabrous, unfair, indivisible, collective, desultory, same, petulant, lawless, slanted, smooth, indistinct, partial, oblique, fluctuating, erratic, aslant, dissimilar, unpaired, alternative, disheveled, unruly, rough, inexact, unparallel, odd, unstable, crooked, rasping, wild, chaotic, jaggy, on-again, off-again, slanting, perturbed, craggy, additional, indefinite.

flat, plumb, unvarying, flatbottomed, level, balanced, orderly, lap-jointed, flatbottom, justified, consistent, flush, tabular, even, true, constant, straight, uniform, smooth, unchanging, exact, stable, ordered, aligned, regular, equal, vertical, steady, changeless, symmetrical, plane, horizontal.

Examples of usage:

1) Then he saw away in front of him a blurred mass with an uneven crest which cut dimly black against the sky. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

2) It was two miles across the common to Stephen's farm and it took the boy nearly an hour, because the ground was uneven and there were walls to climb, and also because he was thinking of what his grandfather had said. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

3) But really, Peter, it's the most uneven thing I've ever read. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.