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Spell check of unemphatic

Correct spelling: unemphatic

unaccented, unstressed.

accented, stressed.

Examples of usage:

1) Again she acquiesced, her manner soothing and unemphatic. - "Autobiography of a YOGI", Paramhansa Yogananda.

2) What heroes we made of sturdy, unemphatic boys, how we repeated each other's jokes, what merciless critics we were of each other, how little allowance we made for weakness or oddity, how easily we condoned all faults in one who was good- humoured and strong! - "At Large", Arthur Christopher Benson.

3) It should not be used for the unemphatic pronouns I and me, as in " James and myself are going to town," " He gave the books to James and myself." - "Slips of Speech", John H. Bechtel.