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Spell check of unassuming

Correct spelling: unassuming

apologetic, selfless, plebeian, self-effacing, past, modest, unobtrusive, plain, retiring, humble, contrite, down-to-earth, sheepish, unostentatious, demure, reticent, homely, submissive, preceding, simple, reserved, low-profile, abashed, undemanding, meek, self-deprecating, unpretentious, mild, lowly.

dominating, dominant, patronizing, supercilious, high-hat, presuming, presumptuous, huffish, cocksure, pretentious, pompous, self-complacent, overconfident, hoity-toity, assertive, impudent, self-assertive, uppish, extroverted, toplofty, self-obsessed, bombastic, narcissistic, boastful, high-handed, self-centered, highfalutin, bumptious, brassy, lordly, self-conceited, huffy, high-and-mighty, conceited, impertinent, magisterial, superior, swaggering, flamboyant, vain, egotistic, outgoing, vainglorious, fastuous, egocentric, aggressive, self-satisfied, arrogant, uninhibited, egoistic, pontificating, cheeky, condescending, domineering, self-asserting, self-important, immodest, brash, audacious, ostentatious, forward, overweening, chesty, self-confident, stuck-up, peremptory, braggy, overbearing, saucy, showy, imperious, unreserved, uppity, disdainful, smug, bold, confident, prideful, haughty.

Examples of usage:

1) His conversation, his universal knowledge, and the unassuming way in which he displayed it, confirmed us in our first impressions, and at the end of the three weeks, which we passed together in Rome, we were united in as firm a friendship as ever existed between men of such different ages. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

2) The work she had undertaken was certainly not what she had expected to do when she came to Canada, and she smiled as she remembered the indignation her mother had expressed concerning it in her last letter; but her duties were not unpleasant, and she was growing fond of the unassuming but very sensible people with whom she dwelt. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.

3) We had him to tea the other day and really he seemed quite a nice unassuming fellow-" " Oh! - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.