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Spell check of type

Correct spelling: type

symbol, example, structure, typeface, dog, division, event, right, fictional character, manifestation, designation, lawsuit, prototype, ilk, schematize, cross section, eccentric, kidney, description, assort, frame, quality, level, dictation, place, grapheme, lineament, design, role, chart, shell, collate, guinea pig, label, causa, separate, denomination, character reference, normalize, representation, unsnarl, fix, classify, orchestrate, support, image, step, compose, class, classification, style, attribute, series, externalization, vitrine, like, dotted line, unify, product, standard, grammatical case, brand, flake, manner, adjust, sample, geek, persona, model, type up, part, rubric, sift, fictitious character, slip, form, methodize, face, phylum, sort, balance, genre, sheath, fibre, font, mediate, arrange, instance, typing, eccentric person, casing, token, case, mold, genus, full-page, devise, objectification, prosopopeia, prepare, score, persuasion, league, plan, people, program, type out, mixture, typist, substantiation, nature, reference, settle, caste, suit, stock, grade, clan, touch-type, screen, array, designate, graphic symbol, substitute, personalization, control, fount, exteriorization, schedule, showcase, order, character, grouping, harmonize, bracket, bold, incarnation, letter, variety, cause, make, family, cast, kind, subordinate, typing pool, stratify, typecast, lot, pillow slip, typewritten, race, shape, Jekyll and Hyde, personification, systematize, theatrical role, embodiment, format, rank, breed, pillowcase, categorize, sign, kingdom, dictate, rate, grain, integrate, marshal, materialization, fiber, oddball, degree, category, characterize, tier, set, typewrite, subject, archetype, scheme, species, organize, stamp, copperplate, capitalise, original, regulate, caseful, genotype, line, pigeonhole, strain, figure, stabilize, emblem, feather, individual, plot, capitalize, rationalize, stripe, group, taxonomy, display case, establish, galley, maintain.


Examples of usage:

1) Printed from large clear type on superior paper. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) He had been right as to the type. - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) " It is to this passage," whispered the Secretary, " I want to direct your Excellency's attention: 'All that I see here, ' my son writes,- 'all that I see here is a type of what is going on, at large, over the island. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.