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Spell check of trying

Correct spelling: trying

offensive, chafing, checking, nerve-wracking, harsh, murderous, acute, crushing, oppressive, worn-out, odious, complicated, depressed, unbearable, torturing, determining, rigorous, severe, cantankerous, avenging, frazzled, besetting, probing, finicky, stinging, rugged, unpleasant, backbreaking, weak, aching, verifying, throbbing, grinding, confining, inflaming, taxing, over-weary, cumbersome, strenuous, limp, agonizing, woeful, footsore, sore, distressful, correcting, drowsy, burdensome, hypnotic, flaccid, tough, fining, punishing, benchmarking, harrowing, cheerless, wrenching, experimenting, afflicting, debilitated, droopy, tired, onerous, wasted, ticklish, fatigued, contrary, insufferable, rough, hard, arduous, knotty, stabbing, complex, gnawing, wayworn, sentencing, crucifying, keelhauling, wearisome, nerve-racking, excruciating, bothersome, sleepy, biting, anguishing, annoying, effortful, blue, hurtful, stiff, exhausting, withering, bitter, chastening, pillorying, bored, faint, distressing, thorny, tight, imprisoning, incarcerating, laborious, executing, lambasting, heavy, grim, brutal, uncomfortable, exacting, feeble, apathetic, tormenting, researching, difficult, horrendous, demanding, cutting, miserable, disciplining, troublesome, wearing, wearying, fussy, reprising, adverse, soporific, hardhanded, painful, proving, investigating, tiring, chastising, persecuting, testing, piercing, cramping, run-down, stressful, penalizing, grievous, searing, analyzing, exigent, weighty, aggravating, assaying, irritating, smarting, burdening, disagreeable, inhuman, exhausted, weary, castigating, tricky, cruel, uphill, grueling, listless, irksome, toilsome, formidable, judging.

easy, tolerable, pleasant, agreeable, friendly, relaxing, snug, hospitable, cozy, moderate, facile, clement, painless, bearable, light, balmy, soft, calm, genial, restful, mild, gentle, temperate, endurable, slight, luxurious, reposeful, trivial, peaceful, trifling, comfortable.

Examples of usage:

1) Shouldn't you let a man kiss you or- or- put his arm around you- or anything- even when he's trying to get engaged to you? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) It's no use your trying to think that out, young man, and I can't tell you. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) What were they trying to get out of him? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.