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Spell check of trouble

Correct spelling: trouble

pain in the neck, anesthetise, ill, tumble, put under, endeavor, disorder, matter, disconcert, nut, bustle, while, hustle, job, bind, tussle, anguish, vex, meddle, rumple, shake, irritate, destitution, complication, extend, exacerbate, stir, trouble oneself, expenditure, calamity, imperilment, ripple, nuisance, concern, rainy day, pains, irritation, mix-up, pettifoggery, jumble, bedevil, agitate, tragedy, threat, affection, condition, shudder, knock over, strain, fever, riot, strife, afflict, exigence, fluster, displace, intrusion, turn over, crisis, imminence, perturbation, torment, rile, task, tamper, indignation, curse, problem, Dutch, worry, hold out, exsert, hurt, swirl, rag, botch, stretch forth, publish, perplexity, comfort, poorness, cark, disarray, unhinge, clutter, toss, sweat, antagonize, release, swage, throw out of kilter, dogfight, confound, squabble, blight, palpitate, distemperature, discomposure, provocation, apprehension, peril, get at, anxiety, striving, casualty, disorganize, commove, aid, shiver, bane, misgiving, resentment, misery, harass, pitfall, corner, arouse, roughen, roil, get to, bug, dislocate, pester, struggle, quarrel, bother, aggravation, discomfit, illness, enragement, injury, quagmire, endangerment, nag, fight, incommodity, disturbance, ferment, sickness, fret, annoy, harassment, pique, trial, pain in the ass, put out, stress, fix, mislay, vexation, misfortune, confuse, care, bicker, ailment, ado, quaver, gossip, fuss, capsize, petulance, soup, menace, whip, discomfort, enrage, challenge, harm's way, hassle, effort, smother, box, stir up, disaster, exigency, help, plight, scrape, hazard, inflammation, shake up, burden, dither, elbow grease, malady, intruder, puzzle, tip over, adversity, predicament, meddler, derange, flurry, hash, exacerbation, stretch out, catastrophe, disquiet, pain, arousal, inconvenience oneself, bowl over, discommode, headache, upset, disturb, risk, bedevilment, ire, dilemma, deflect, muss, dread, jeopardy, brat, grief, mess, ail, nettle, fretting, touch, scatter, tiff, nark, handful, annoyance, tribulation, pest, contretemps, spot, quiver, interrupt, infirmity, bring out, hindrance, badger, poverty, peeve, rummage, retire, fretfulness, ruffle, whisk, churn, argument, bore, bait, ordeal, hang-up, smart aleck, quake, turmoil, easy, gravel, exasperate, jar, inconvenience, dispute, troublemaker, douse, dolor, affliction, overturn, agony, work, rough-and-tumble, scorn, flap, difficultness, fear, infuriate, blur, issue, misadventure, untune, tousle, feud, convulse, delay, labor, virulence, botheration, scramble, dishevel, case, anesthetize, distress, exertion, incommode, aggravate, hardship, solicitude, anaesthetize, bickering, difficulty, chafe, jam, raise up, disoblige, hot water, pother, envenom, spat, twitch, rankle, bad luck, woe, jolt, deep water, tease, scuffle, hard luck, irk, infliction, disarrange, needle, complaint, pickle, hot spot, inflame, discompose, incommodiousness, misplace, distract, anaesthetise, grate, distemper, mishap, exasperation, disease, muddle, tump over, knot, perturb, foreboding, tizzy, harry.

fitness, carelessness, health, harbor, quiescence, robustness, silver bullet, haven, nonchalance, shape, defense, satisfaction, adroitness, inactivity, safety, asylum, cure-all, fluency, salvation, wholesomeness, ease, answer, laziness, safeness, shield, impunity, inviolability, facility, retreat, immunity, idleness, security, tranquillity, magic bullet, refuge, apathy, indolence, healthiness, wellness, safeguard, calmness, soundness, secureness, fettle, dormancy, smoothness, languor, wholeness, panacea, heartiness, invulnerability, confidence, inertia, preservation, shelter, inaction, assurance, ward, solution, protection, guard, exemption.

Examples of usage:

1) How can they help me in trouble and death? - "Open Water", Arthur Stringer.

2) Can he make any trouble? - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) That's just the trouble. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.