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Spell check of trimming

Correct spelling: trimming

cloak, raincoat, vanquishment, evening gown, victory, sarong, raiment, decrementing, garb, array, windbreaker, garnishment, increasing, condensing, dwindling, depleting, compressing, shortening, concentrating, loss, clipping, vesture, coat, shoes, badge, lightening, attack, jacket, greatcoat, newspaper clipping, deleting, weeding, downgrading, cropping, blouse, costume, sweat suit, blazer, discounting, compacting, nipping, chapeau, truncating, panties, rout, vestment, dandifying, pruning, shirt, fedora, pinafore, garnishing, shorts, bedizening, stockings, gaudiness, tunic, adornment, decreasing, corset, dress, caftan, button, accessory, attire, diminishing, plastering, scarf, embroidery, trimness, boot, footgear, smock, ulster, poncho, Jersey, burnoose, cape, nightgown, slicker, win, press clipping, enriching, homburg, wrapper, bonnet, repulse, massacre, enrichment, licking, hat, debasing, foofaraw, beret, devaluating, cutting, drubbing, trim, shawl, fez, skirt, outfit, pajamas, embellishment, garment, fur, beautifying, tapering, depreciating, cheapening, belittling, decorating, shellacking, bobbing, docking, dressing gown, gingerbread, topcoat, defeat, pillbox, suit, reducing, passementerie, sari, decoration, adorning, clothing, deducting, abbreviating, bathrobe, subtracting, press cutting, ornamenting, bowler, robe, extending, ornament, filling, v-neck, culling, t-shirt, overcoat, gewgaw, jumper, kilt, crowning, emblazonment, achievement, mackintosh, chemise, eliding, sports coat, trench coat, curtailing, dusting, degrading, finery, reward, Afghan, kimono, slacks, pants, garnish, lessening, snip, garniture, lashing, beating, gilding, turtle-neck, parka, pyjamas, shrinking, rebuff, crinoline, clip, emblazoning, hiding, shearing, tinsel, marking down, clothes, gracing, paring, tuxedo, emblem, habit, dignifying, wrap, edging, trouncing, pea coat, doublet, devaluing, whipping, blue jeans, camisole, contracting, slashing, smoking jacket, prettifying, success, lump, gown, lowering, petticoat, upset, ensemble, minimizing, beautiful, ornamentation, deflating, headdress, Stetson, trousers, festooning, duds, thrashing, abridging, dinner jacket, flourish, halter, sweater, sweat shirt, pull-over, eroding, embellishing, frock, flogging, draining, overthrow, housecoat, brassiere, bedecking, apparel, shaving, frill.

cakewalk, sweep, romp, blowout, success, accomplishment, runaway, achievement, walkaway, win, victory, triumph, landslide, walkover.

Examples of usage:

1) Smoking his cigar, and trimming his nails with a very magnificent penknife, he gave short and listless replies to her Ladyship's queries, and did but glance at the papers which from time to time she handed to him for explanation or inquiry. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) Then she took up the gloves and a strip of trimming, and looked at them with a little frown, but while she did so there were footsteps outside, and the door was opened. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) When I got there the old boy was in his office selling a Hereford to some young fellow from the north part of the state- I hope Lake County, because anybody from Lake County needs a trimming. - "Epistles-from-Pap-Letters-from-the-man-known-as-The-Will-Rogers-of-Indiana", Durham, Andrew Everett.