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Spell check of trance

Correct spelling: trance

dream, intrigue, meditate, enthral, unfeelingness, hallucination, fancy, fascination, semiconscious, aloofness, puzzlement, absent-mindedness, bewitchment, brown study, capture, sound asleep, grab, coma, background music, faintness, callousness, catch, comatose, blues, enamour, enthrall, ambient, deadness, bluegrass, out, entrance, hypnotize, watch, spell, hypnosis, narcosis, anesthesia, hitch, enchantment, transport, enrapture, trip up, pick up, fog, magnetise, stupefaction, obliviousness, delight, go, becharm, romance, mesmerize, insensitivity, asleep, fantasy, awareness, see, daydreaming, senselessness, charm, captivation, enchant, juggle, acid jazz, captivate, appropriate, take in, bhangra, muddle, study, seize, hypnotherapy, grip, bewilderedness, mesmerise, turn, bemusement, befuddlement, oblivion, enthrallment, enamor, discombobulation, magic spell, insensibility, catch up with, hypnotism, backing, fascinate, woolgathering, transfix, glamour, bewitch, tempt, conquer, day-dream, bewilderment, backup, while, view, vision, influence, bebop, hoodwink, stupor, magnetize, abstraction, dullness, spellbind, under, hypnotist, sopor, muse, unconsciousness, insentience, witch, overhear, fast asleep, reverie, get, mystification, ravish, take hold of, tour, beguile, overtake, piece, numbness, acid house, perplexity, meditative, arrest, hex, hypnotic, meditation, swoon, daze, T.M., unconscious, patch, jinx.

fact, reality, substance, verity, certainty, realization.

Examples of usage:

1) I followed them as if in a trance, and looked up at the house towards the window from whence we could still hear her voice. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

2) She revealed to him a phase in her character so inexpressibly lovely and alluring that he was in a trance. - "Command", William McFee.

3) Ecstasy employs the mind, and thus depends on the brain, the nerves, the physical senses, which are unconsciously active even in a trance, and speak out of the past. - "The Literature of Ecstasy", Albert Mordell.