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Spell check of total

Correct spelling: total

pith, bodacious, dreadful, impart, ledger, diary, supply, come to, album, plenary, straight-out, aggregate, outright, centre, arrant, natural, evaluation, through, innate, waybill, deadly, presume, everything, audit, unmitigated, dictionary, computation, comprehensive, guess, acquire, original, statement, compleat, appraisal, everybody, all-out, method, universal, division, fall, crashing, suppose, asset, tally, out-and-out, congeries, conglomeration, scheme, unadulterated, add, appraise, portion, quantize, calculus, systematize, replete, divide, all, get along, file, inclusive, amount, system, tablet, essence, books, wide-cut, supposition, multiply, solidarity, quantum, unity, summation, collection, come in, union, sum up, annals, collective, conclude, budget, note, bestow, final, list, oneness, sum of money, numerate, full, cumulative, profound, all-embracing, chronicle, collect, blank, number, logbook, stone, organic, program, value, cotton-picking, measure, document, valuation, statistics, journal, entire, multiplication, mathematics, join, essential, perfect, thorough, broad, fundamental, allotment, figure, rationalize, integral, marrow, come up, summarise, extreme, annex, schedule, agree, receipts, core, hit, conclusion, all-inclusive, nub, complete, determination, score, accrue, flat, documentation, done, notebook, menu, plot, weigh, algorithm, intact, tabulate, comprehensiveness, study, occur, presumption, quantity, profit and loss, arrive, inwardness, integration, log, flat-out, surmise, approximation, do, primitive, mass, annual, fare, index, consummate, get, consider, regular, calculate, full-scale, arithmetic, sum, ration, rate, consideration, derive, gist, add up to, accomplished, stark, lend, itemize, census, scrapbook, manifest, rank, fit, unabridged, reckoning, assess, part, native, correspond, global, sum total, summarize, blooming, judge, fair, inventory, good, digest, heart, recording, novel, check, measurement, summary, count, recount, positive, simple, thoroughness, inference, register, ingrained, resume, bring, judgement, Midland, downright, everyone, consist of, add up, substance, full-fledged, heart and soul, proportion, roll, tale, plumb, increment, daybook, calculation, collectivity, table, match, rack up, constitutional, enumerate, come, sheer, allowance, center, completeness, docket, wide, plan, augment, itemization, integrity, unconditional, tot up, record, amount to, intactness, whole, summate, pad, uncut, sweeping, piece, thoroughgoing, jibe, treasury, count up, account, clean, store, balance sheet, unified, make out, utter, full-grown, approximate, add together, issue forth, fullness, increase, deduce, book, attain, equal, conclusive, scroll, kernel, enumeration, categorical, undivided, descend, exhaustive, overall, integrality, evaluate, chalk up, infer, damned, history, dead, accumulate, contribute, totality, registry, very, entireness, bill, quantify, nitty-gritty, estimation, work, definite, entirety, absolute, tote up, invoice, lexicon, compute, reckon, estimate, catalog, grand, thesaurus, finished, determine, radical, repertory, unalloyed, meat, detail, make sense, gross, gauge, pure, calendar, balance, tot, follow, think, thought, slate, yearbook, plenum, keep down, hail, unconditioned, amount of money, assessment, append, gibe, universe, unqualified, solid, deduction, roster.

doubtful, palliative, moderate, cursory, abridged, limited, shallow, random, fractional, tentative, partial, desultory, equivocal, incomplete, restricted, diminished, aimless, cut, haphazard, questionable, uncomplete, inadequate, narrow, abbreviated, superficial, imperfect, trial, qualified, slipshod, conservative, dubious, slight, uncertain, reduced, hit-or-miss.

Examples of usage:

1) I arrived in your town night before last, a total stranger. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

2) The total effect was most satisfactory to my eyes. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.