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Spell check of toss

Correct spelling: toss

interchange, vomit up, deep-six, leaf, go, thresh about, wiggle, thrash about, dart, lam, slope, stake, hurtle, motion, squirm, perturb, loft, purge, gaol, qualify, launch, nod, dismiss, shove, turn out, calm, honk, blend, roil, slam, retch, disorganize, head, eighty-six, notch, incarcerate, regurgitate, summerset, flail, agonize, agitate, muss, eradicate, passport, strap, qualifying, whip, talk over, hurl, lash, upset, shut up, chill, flick, exorcise, heave, somersaulting, chuck, shuck, remove, jettison, attack, mosh, twist, straits, gear, rumple, vend, sick, throw out, convulse, laissez passer, dispose, lock, disorder, junk, cant, chuck out, disarrange, lose, trounce, blur, walk, dump, moot, flip out, cat, tamper, whirl, thrust, bet, passing game, goad, bye, unsettle, drum out, dishevel, passing, precipitate, put to sleep, seesaw, put behind bars, sky, jig, discompose, shoot, ferment, kick around, lay by, spue, peddle, drop, rap, eject, butcher, tuck away, bake, cast, dice, riffle, ostracize, upchuck, writhe, fire, throw, gamble, turn, exclude, alternate, bunt, bowl, lock away, cream, swirl, jail, lock in, carve, wriggle, back, blanch, rock, pass, mountain pass, liberty chit, dispose of, bob, pitch, rummage, flip-flop, confound, lock up, roll, swing, clobber, drive, words, disgorge, botch, shun, ripple, fluster, cashier, bat, bounce, base on balls, project, sling, meddle, boot out, flip, flounder, scatter, impel, lag, undulate, splurge, fling, vibrate, jactitate, bother, drub, butchery, cast away, shy, put aside, careen, disquiet, oust, do away with, whisk, incline, thrash, jug, welt, switch, dash, shake, roughen, tuck in, somerset, mislay, imprison, put on, slam dance, ditch, thresh, aim, cut down, lob, jumble, lurch, shut away, capsize, pelt, flog, riff, rattle, duck, tack, passing play, kick out, expel, beat, move, hash, advance, stir, remand, discuss, strait, flutter, wobble, cast out, tilt, catapult, push, point, see, monger, jiggle, be sick, direct, bingo, regorge, turf out, clutter, deliver, mess, compel, ostracise, propel, flurry, derange, cast aside, throw up, ruffle, wave, place, tumble, toss away, reject, eliminate, blackball, cast off, twitch, squiggle, trouble, die, sway, set up, throw off, discard, replace, huckster, shed, cant over, lick, casino, bone, scrap, buffet, oscillate, fiddle, banish, summersault, throw away, flip over, pat, churn, scramble, turn over, shake off, dislocate, double, peg, vomit, repetition, unload, immure, toss out, luck, lather, prod, strike, displace, gash, shift, butter, shunt, somersault, puke, distract, spew, thumb, draw, fruit machine, lift, disturb, offer, slash, ram, mix-up, misplace, muddle, hawk, put away, craps, ban, confuse, tousle.

employ, rest, keep, relax, utilize, embrace, hold, unwind, retain, hold back, take on, adopt, calm, still, use.

Examples of usage:

1) Toss it, Anna, maybe there's good luck in it fur me. - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

2) Ellen Seymour and Mignon La Salle gathered themselves for the toss. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) I'm too big now for you to toss me up. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.