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Spell check of toil

Correct spelling: toil

dedication, exert, wear out, achievement, strenuousness, tire out, drive, job, dawdle, strive, working class, grok, moil, jab, creep, confinement, business, slop, roil, pursuit, perform, childbed, apprehend, production, outwear, craunch, doing, discharge, challenge, trade union movement, churn, chore, lying-in, grasp, activity, heavy lifting, labor, compass, undertaking, turn over, tug, ease, jade, wade, apply, wear upon, onerousness, strain, act, care, function, weary, excavate, performance, wear down, occupation, boil, fag out, poke, overwork, fatigue, drudge, exercise, comminute, trail, bray, push, effort, employ, action, labour, work, expend, sweat, deed, delve, savvy, wield, work at, crawl, exertion, travail, crunch, stab, fall behind, donkeywork, drop back, forge, project, slavery, proletariat, comprehend, tire, product, cranch, drift, dig up, grate, grind, task, wear, get the picture, buckle down, move, hollow, meander, labor movement, dig out, slog, plod, cut into, trudge, drudgery, mash, parturiency, prod, dig, employment.

inertness, dormancy, entertainment, leisure, inertia, sport, play, inactivity, lolling, relaxation, dalliance, amusement, recreation, vacation, decompression, lounging, repose, goldbricking, rest, idleness, diversion, loafing, fun, dallying, ease.

Examples of usage:

1) His months of teaching and toil seem to have gone for nothing. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Gospel of St. John, Vol. I", Marcus Dods.

2) A day of torture and toil again passed, after which, fortunately, a cooler night came. - "In Desert and Wilderness", Henryk Sienkiewicz.

3) There would be toil and food and rest, and renewed toil, and the awful knowledge that long before he ceased to live he had ceased to be even to those who had been his nearest and dearest. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.