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Spell check of tick

Correct spelling: tick

yellow jacket, arrest, check, chequer, tally, hieroglyphics, substantiation, praying mantis, ticktock, agree, moderate, gadfly, puzzle, fall into place, work over, hitch, fit, grasshopper, tick off, train, control, get through, baffle, bee, match, pose, numerate, twinkling, shell, nock, cricket, bunk, bluebottle, black widow, fluctuate, throb, gibe, clink, confirmation, correspond, mark out, cross out, seesaw, sway, balk, time, clack, mattress, handicap, punctuate, scorpion, centipede, perplex, dragonfly, scribble, instant, checkmark, hindrance, learn, tag, check out, trounce, mystify, beep, itemize, baulk, dawn, cushion, vibrate, check over, alternate, insect, stupefy, strike off, retick, dung beetle, ticking, pest, penetrate, get across, short-term, minute, dollar sign, gain, condition, look into, teeter-totter, insure, bout, plot, strike, chit, strike out, rehearse, horntail, pulsate, pock, big, pound, librate, assure, contain, cross off, peep, snap, millipede, stamp, verification, may fly, thrum, vanquish, oscillate, grade, deer fly, underline, brand, see to it, exhaust, tab, chip, chigger, tucker out, vacillate, notice, check up on, reel off, caret, watch, wag, beat, recite, wash up, housefly, differentiate, distinguish, second, underscore, denounce, thump, stigmatise, bob, checker, creaking, label, overreach, louse, scramble, ladybug, mantis, creak, click, bloodsucker, mark off, pulse, bank check, check-out procedure, butterfly, sec, curb, ticktack, pit, vex, turn back, detail, pop, tsetse fly, cockroach, horsefly, daddy longlegs, silverfish, ascertain, spider, boll weevil, check off, halt, mite, cicada, blowfly, asterisk, come home, stoppage, circumvent, split second, wink, hash mark, determine, trice, deterrent, hold back, flick, arrow, list, tap, highlight, get, jibe, jiff, botfly, moment, firefly, beat out, note, cross, crush, bewilder, beetle, parasite, termite, cluck, aphid, drum, chinch, rock, moth, scar, undulate, outsmart, tick away, go over, amaze, hold in, katydid, wobble, star, cheque, mosquito, totter, midge, suss out, twinkle, gravel, bed, earwig, check into, outfox, checkout, stagger, bedbug, dumbfound, ant, set, lose, commemorate, locust, flummox, check mark, a bit, stick, bleep, scarab, fruit fly, delay, stinkbug, stop, June bug, gnat, nit, score, outwit, stigmatize, assay, see, flea, flap, find out, stay, impediment, tarantula, bridle, tiger moth, ensure, plop, jiffy, beat up, bookworm, sink in, nonplus, hinderance, wasp, break, tremble, mark, tucker, discipline, hold, quiver, radiate, chatter, pillow, fly, flash.


Examples of usage:

1) The room was so still I could have heard a clock tick. - "Marital Power Exemplified in Mrs. Packard's Trial, and Self-Defence from the Charge of Insanity", Elizabeth Parsons Ware Packard.

2) If no recording apparatus is used, the observer must write down the signals as heard in the telephone, since corresponding to a short spark at the transmitting station, a single tick or short sound is heard at the telephone, and corresponding to a series of rapidly successive sparks, a more prolonged sound is heard in the telephone. - "Hertzian Wave Wireless Telegraphy", John Ambrose Fleming.

3) They ain't going to allow him any more tick- not even to the tune of a string of beads. - "The Luck of Gerard Ridgeley", Bertram Mitford.