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Spell check of throw

Correct spelling: throw

back down, form, chip in, pour forth, vomit up, toss, catapult, gain, venture, fortuity, dismiss, dangle, confound, desert, poke, stick out, clear, reserve, mold, disconcert, let, obnubilate, rise, founder, build, interchange, entertain, pass, figure, contain, befuddle, thrust, sling, arrest, knock, jumble, take a shit, possess, miss, compel, trade, moult, accident, ramble, piddle, make water, birth, deem, declare, confine, throw-off, put off, spend, generate, wee-wee, plan, concur, fall in, produce, afford, sustain, pierce, swap, view as, excogitate, contribute, yield, fling, floor, urge, make up, bear, elbow, move over, abandon, lunge, agree, stuff, see, rag, dispose, own, discombobulate, harbor, grant, squeeze, roll, work, flick, turn off, diagonal, dedicate, contrive, leave out, make believe, get, halt, muddle, have, shoot, adjudge, flip-flop, lay down, push, send packing, take hold, shake, reach, bring in, formulate, puddle, hasten, inspire, return, fuddle, relieve oneself, motivate, chance, accept, keep, purge, throw out, dizzy, tack, chance event, impart, omit, devolve, adventure, open, leaf, apply, slash, shake off, take a leak, nurse, alternate, propel, pitch, flip out, vex, regurgitate, flatten, jostle, switch over, riffle, protrude, energize, picture, shot, spew, retrieve, send, run out on, cause, pelt, gift, precipitate, flip, throw up, retch, concord, switch, cerebrovascular accident, puzzle, create, consecrate, obligate, play a trick on, score, construct, visualize, neglect, solidus, pass water, ready, establish, maintain, depute, frustrate, turn over, pull in, launch, induce, start, ingest, flurry, prevail, fix, render, apoplexy, realize, spend a penny, perplex, play a joke on, ram, chuck out, puke, lose, send off, dun, riff, strike down, bowl, curb, flier, trick, micturate, exchange, withstand, slough, impel, image, overleap, fox, let go, drip, range, bunt, wee, roam, stray, cast-off, fire, cam stroke, receive, restrain, catch, cut down, put away, foment, devote, wield, bind, project, attain, name, rove, retain, discharge, visualise, throw away, confuse, hit, disgorge, surrender, shove, escape from, speculation, swan, amaze, put, encourage, bedevil, torment, change over, earn, defend, mix up, goad, check, sink, bewilder, shift, send away, baffle, suffer, heave, ground, spue, kick in, move, pull a fast one on, hold, take, crucify, take in, propose, trip, nonplus, fancy, give way, obtain, set down, jog, stump, be sick, draw, feelings, hurl, dumbfound, take a crap, admit, wander, drive, drop, keep back, prepare, strike, stool, design, vomit, sick, mystify, cook, go for, toss away, put out, change, bring down, nominate, pretermit, drink, envision, pretend, flip over, support, overwhelm, provoke, deteriorate, submit, emit, raise, bump, experience, get to, forward, lob, knock down, dribble, push up, unload, honk, progress to, give up, drop off, flummox, give in, feed, cast, quit, shunt, flutter, pee-pee, break, beat, spill, defy, magnetize, shed, give, upchuck, knock off, drop down, cast aside, cave in, mould, prod, expend, delegate, obscure, defeat, radiate, put down, ease up, commit, guard, drift, force, arrive at, present, despatch, gravel, virgule, accommodate, jolt, redact, jut out, punch, devise, realise, overlook, cant, degenerate, feature, dart, exuviate, prompt, pass on, cast away, leave, seduce, vagabond, dash, cast down, walk out on, down, exercise, deliver, blur, twitch, oblige, jut, chuck, ply, toss out, hold up, regorge, lance, swop, instigate, molt, trigger, pose, addle, discard, irradiate, hand, sky, externalize, prostrate, affect, hold in, pin, exert, ferment, thumb, cat, swing, check out, stimulate, forge, control, stick, separatrix, give birth, fell, enterprise, forsake, hurtle, level, hold back, collapse, consume, invent, moderate, take for, booze, couch, crapshoot, do, pay, carry, externalise, nudge, shy, ca-ca, make, bemuse, stupefy, frame, transmit, nail, entice, have got, harbour, book, constitute, cast out, knowledge, deck, fob, sacrifice.

convey, retain, hand, hold, receive, sure thing, bring, give, carry, get, keep.

Examples of usage:

1) You've enough to keep you for a year if you don't throw it away. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Then I'll throw them away. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) There- that's enough for you to throw away on us to- night. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.