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Spell check of thin

Correct spelling: thin

write out, airless, stingy, sharp, ribbonlike, pure, implausible, supple, gossamer, filamentous, keen, brittle, hack, crystalline, fresh-faced, flat, come down, fizzy, fragile, beautiful, cut, thick, minimum, willowy, few, rationalise, thinned, scarce, scant, broadly, capillary, cobwebby, shorten, bring down, smooth, needlelike, bouffant, tighten, veer, slim-waisted, nice, excess, dense, gangling, bed out, thickly, wizen, slenderize, tumble down, compact, unconvincing, hairlike, subjugate, shrink, little, bad hair day, boil, condense, current, unsubstantial, tailor, lissom, cadaverous, sylphlike, airy, trim, threadlike, tiny, shrivelled, washy, transparent, scarecrowish, boil over, tight, atomize, load, attenuated, puny, Mona Lisa, beneath, dilute, body, across, trend, slender, sleazy, rare, frail, good-looking, elegant, reedlike, lean, prune, descriptive, constrict, curve, subtle, feed, compressed, twiglike, bristly, anorectic, let down, depressed, baby-faced, fat, permeable, breathable, scrawny, waterish, slight, cut off, craggy, light, liquid, disregard, insubstantial, shrunken, elaborate, cut back, croaky, shaky, rarified, deadhead, hatchet-faced, aerate, lithesome, measly, turn off, edited, bubbly, exiguous, hang, hyperfine, geld, ultrathin, skeletal, deficient, gummy, air, scanty, ethereal, melt off, filamentlike, decoct, wizened, dwarf, dead, snub, cross-pollinate, hollow-eyed, spindle-shanked, thready, slender-waisted, thin out, cloud, quash, bedhead, bladed, deoxidise, make out, gaunt, only, small, fleshless, bony, splendid, weedy, twiggy, slenderise, exquisite, lanky, filiform, stretch, chiseled, 101, retract, deoxidize, angular, slue, handsome, concentrate, watery, sheer, heavy, lithe, spindly, dainty, clear, wispy, blow-by-blow, wafer-thin, airflow, weakened, wiry, bushy, wisplike, abbreviate, blast, inadequate, lazy, swerve, polished, cross-fertilize, incredible, vaporous, barely, mere, solid, scraggy, lissome, elongated, bonsai, slim, skip, gassy, powdered, fatless, faint, breathy, drill, shallow, clarified, cut down, see through, attenuate, general, coiffed, unbelievable, clothed, repress, fine, narrow, burn, lank, slim down, shrill, grating, hairline, debase, humorless, wasp-waisted, spiritless, detailed, pale, flimsy, emaciated, spindle-legged, sunken-eyed, subdue, balding, unconceivable, stringy, likely, broad-brush, reedy, filmy, issue, haggard, underneath, boil up, skinny, ignore, improbable, watered-down, recede, comminuted, mirthless, gaseous, chiffon, inconceivable, atmosphere, insufficient, weak, foreshorten, adenoidal, encrusted, bodiless, spindling, rawboned, aqueous, abridge, disembodied, rickety, shriveled, gray, airborne, papery, sketchy, turn out, flow, close-cropped, crusted, diaphanous, shrinkage, pinched, bubble, scale down, under, reduce, withered, minute, bake, obese, fluid, paper-thin, rarefied, piping, full-face, scale back, lightly, vapid, edit, lose weight, svelte, switch off, sensitive, aquatic, broad, extensive, tenuous, feeble, appealing, subtile, caked, cheesy, spare, excellent, ribbony, rationalize, contraction, anorexic, boil down, break down, bald, rise, meager, slim-jim, poor, fruity, humourless, trim back, deep-eyed, thinly, slew, rangy, sparse, big, skimpy, refined, gangly, delicate, wasted, edit out, boil away, distributed, wan, furrowed, grow out, strong, adulterate, shrivel, keep down, contract, compost, gauzy, wave, trim down, diluted, underweight.

dumpy, deep, jowly, hippy, enriched, podgy, four-ply, great, thready, sounding, embonpoint, corpulent, significant, thicken, curdled, bulky, gelatinlike, fortified, gain, stumpy, coagulable, soft, obese, gross, voluminous, grumose, ropy, tubby, round, two-ply, thickset, fat, coagulated, blunt, ropey, pudgy, porcine, stentorian, important, loose-jowled, brawny, dense, zaftig, potbellied, plangent, inspissate, chunky, wide, fleshy, gelatinous, rotund, thickened, full-bodied, orotund, abdominous, immense, burly, huge, clotted, fattish, soupy, blubbery, portly, grumous, widish, clumsy, stringy, thick, three-ply, strong, rich, sonorous, beefy, coagulate, squat, paunchy, overweight, put on, full, jellylike, broad, stout, pear-shaped, condensed, grumbling, viscous, coarse, massive, stubby, chubby, big, spirited, husky, double-chinned, large, syrupy, heavyset, buxom, heavy, clogged, weighty, rumbling, booming, plump, evaporated, thickish, impenetrable, deep-chested, stocky, fleshed-out, thickly, zoftig, flabby, quilted, roly-poly, rude, concentrated.

Examples of usage:

1) Was that thin girl Townsend's daughter? - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) " Ah, thin," I said, " shure it's thrue what ye always say." - "My Lady of the Chimney Corner", Alexander Irvine.

3) We descended from the snow- covered ice to thin, black ice and for a time I felt as if we were flying over the open surface of the deep. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.