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Spell check of term

Correct spelling: term

designation, covenant, jargon, article, career, algorithm, anglicism, edge, codicil, denomination, phrase, credit with, aftermarket, acrostic, semester, antenatal, buyer's market, identify, proviso, duration, direct marketing, cycle, collaboration, stretch, label, terminus, range, expression, stage, terminal, interval, epithet, detention, bond, post script, bourne, peg, endpoint, countdown, presume, month, appellation, catch-all, represent, footing, stint, start back, grade, half term, millisecond, day, date, decade, week, connect, condition, precondition, call, termination, withdrawal, limit, custody, build around, caveat, thesaurus, marches, identity, station, vocabulary, hour, business, time, degree, conclusion, end point, borrowing, mark, calculation, binomial, phase, verbiage, christen, brief, cold call, scale, internment, pressure, words, conveyance, bear, preventive detention, era, basis, full term, force, indication, margin, credit rating, closure, epoch, abacus, go down, season, assume, clue, cross-selling, detail, customer care, live, archaism, confines, hitch, rank, long vacation, status, barrier, bourn, distance, approximation, finish, division of labor, captive, stipulation, amniocentesis, landmark, title, consist in, head, locution, delegation, position, caption, state, condemned, passing, Arabism, depot, existence, summer holiday, tour, word, Americanism, frontier, completion, block, close, second, end, lexicon, tenure, clause, custodial, marge, moniker, background, string, computational, step, terminal figure, anagram, designate, decimal place, year, bound, circumstance, average, standing, place, open house, line, name, terminology, ending, lifetime, captivity, delay, provision, inside, generation, microsecond, criminal record, tag, rest on, limited, session, midterm, minute, midterm break, arrive, qualification, contract, age, consideration, life, appointment, the afterbirth, enclosure, chapter, rooted, brand, boundary, course, span, baby blues, destination, verge, affidavit, considering, birth, nomenclature, specification, chant, reservation, quarter, border, deviation, anti-choice, rate, expiry, baby shower, amniotic fluid, churn rate, experimental condition, spring break, calling, millennium, century, shape.

estate, land, inside, citadel, territory, region, center, interior.

Examples of usage:

1) This fellow is good for a term in the State prison. - "Leo the Circus Boy", Ralph Bonehill.

2) Won't you try me until the end of the first term? - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

3) " I don't believe I'll play next term," said Marjorie, slowly, " but I feel as though I ought to stay on the team for the rest of this term. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.