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Spell check of tasteful

Correct spelling: tasteful

classical, luscious, masterful, prim, charming, delish, swell, skillful, chaste, straight, pleasant-tasting, seasoned, full-bodied, precise, toothsome, coarse, suave, delicious, processed, plain, slap-up, mouthwatering, smoky, accomplished, tasty, bitterish, groovy, apt, heavenly, beautiful, polite, full-strength, pleasing, aesthetic, flavorsome, delectable, suitable, toothy, understated, rude, succulent, elegant, sublime, fastidious, clean, style, nice, smashing, discriminating, peachy, bitter, savory, unobtrusive, esthetic, classic, gifted, zesty, refined, nifty, right, flavorous, suited, lush, saporous, exquisite, yummy, flavoured, scrumptious, winey, classy, courtly, fruity, artistic, fitting, bang-up, bully, tactful, vulgar, cultured, sweet, stylish, grapy, flavored, corking, unaffected, urbane, seemly, graceful, polished, flavourous, inobtrusive, in good taste, neat, flavorful, sour, dignified, piquant, apropos, stately, svelte, not bad, possible, sapid, civil, grapey, robust, majestic, keen, creative, salty, perfect, choice, palatable, semisweet, proper, convenient, nectarous, ambrosian, proficient, correct, rich, appropriate, delicate, handsome, spicy, unpretentious, orderly, subdued, well-chosen, quiet, dainty, expert, ingestion, flavoursome, talented, decorous, pure, gratifying, cultivated, winy, nutlike, ambrosial, sophisticated, savoury, restrained, flavourful, fine, cracking, poetic, well-bred, appetizing, great, unostentatious, esthetical, nutty, good, dandy, bittersweet, ideal.

dowdy, tasteless, uncouth, in poor taste, coarse, nauseating, disgusting, tatty, repulsive, grotesque, trashy, ticky-tacky, repellent, gimcrack, deformed, unsavory, unrefined, cheesy, flash, styleless, flamboyant, barbaric, offensive, unstylish, smelly, stinky, flat, campy, yucky, pretentious, repugnant, flavorless, unpleasant, boring, detestable, noxious, inharmonious, loud, unhandsome, rude, tacky, abominable, clumsy, cheap, rough, off-colour, inartistic, noisome, crude, commonplace, uncultured, miserable, meretricious, uncultivated, insipid, fulsome, harsh, brassy, distasteful, unpolished, splashy, tawdry, banal, glitzy, disagreeable, unpalatable, unappetizing, awful, gaudy, stale, hideous, Brummagem, indelicate, unwholesome, rugged, ostentatious, vulgar, unfashionable, raffish, foul, graceless, wretched, displeasing, inelegant, abhorrent, horrid, off-color, garish, tedious, flashy, camp, sickening.

Examples of usage:

1) We can recommend the stories for their originality, and the volume for its elegant and tasteful appearance. - "England in the Days of Old", William Andrews.

2) There was light, and just enough light, to show the tasteful magnificence of the decorations, and nothing of that fearful glare from innumerable lights, and their reflections in huge mirrors, which make most ball- rooms so trying and unbearable. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.

3) He saw at once, by a few unmistakable signs, that the party was a small and select one, and furthermore, judging by the tasteful magnificence of the appointments, that Lady Bell's wealth had not been very much exaggerated. - "Only One Love, or Who Was the Heir", Charles Garvice.