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Spell check of tamaracks

Correct spelling: tamaracks

cedars, breadfruits, apples, mahoganies, junipers, oaks, banyans, trees, limes, gums, citrons, larches, magnolias, coconuts, avocados, mulberries, rosewoods, elders, almonds, spruces, cherries, firs, mountain ashes, laurels, beeches, oranges, ashes, cypresses, butternuts, birches, pines, lindens, weeping willows, quinces, ironwoods, apricots, balsas, sandalwoods, elms, lemons, redwoods, teaks, hickories, balsams, mangroves, pears, mimosas, hazels, acacias, cashews, cassias, cottonwoods, papayas, willows, eucalyptuses, yews, locusts, figs, aspens, pecans, palms, peaches, chestnuts, maples, dogwoods, alders, ebonies, sycamores, sequoias, poplars, walnuts.

Examples of usage:

1) It is a custom, well enough in a practical land, to shun such a spot of perplexity; but on that day I was following the Open Road, and it led me straight to the moist dark stillness of the tamaracks. - "Adventures In Friendship", David Grayson.

2) But just as he began to think his search was fruitless he observed that the cedars and tamaracks which had obstructed his path became less numerous, and were succeeded by bass and soft maple. - "Roughing it in the Bush", Susanna Moodie.

3) The swamp where the tamaracks stood straight and slim out of their beds of moss; the brule, as we used to call it, where the pine- stumps, huge and blackened, were half- hidden by the new growth of poplars and soft maples; the big hill, where we used to get out and walk when the roads were bad; the orchards, where the harvest apples were best and most accessible- all had their memories. - "Black Rock", Ralph Connor.