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Spell check of tally

Correct spelling: tally

chequer, catalog, change course, treasury, value, statistics, allotment, register, checker, credit, measurement, harmonise, resume, daybook, delay, running game, measure, book, meet, weigh, assessment, flout, tabulate, estimation, lexicon, record, equip, dictionary, equalize, counting, concur, increment, mop up, thought, collide with, statement, aggregate, judgement, mortgage, campaign, check into, comprehensive, document, abound, grade, scroll, chronicle, approximation, ensure, ladder, polish off, compute, plot, conform to, jib, full-scale, suss out, suit, shoot, gross, check off, jeer, fit out, rill, journal, menu, documentation, docket, deduction, gibe, agree, arrive at, allowance, annals, look into, piece, rack up, outfit, come to, add together, summate, augment, bring, plan, inference, recording, figuring, global, pair, deduce, quantify, account, discharge, estimate, table, summarise, worst, learn, method, list, running play, footrace, appraise, consider, streak, evaluation, multiply, annual, accrue, cope with, calculate, budget, quantize, arithmetic, judge, yearbook, determination, running, complement, gain, insignia, computation, mathematics, run up, attain, go, reckon, full-fledged, arrest, all-embracing, discipline, accommodate, mass, division, tag, trust, play off, exhaustive, program, infer, check over, contribute, sweeping, condition, number, break, equate, system, test, ravel, swarm, surmise, identification, pit, hold, full, strike, stop, supposition, calendar, assure, systematize, all, represent, consideration, streamlet, tot up, score, valuation, political campaign, appraisal, detail, tick, make, sum up, moderate, run into, audit, log, enumeration, check, curb, count, collection, add, find out, whole, reckoning, calculation, harmonize, total, go over, append, collect, logbook, coordinate, scheme, insure, rival, throng, pad, figure, notebook, guess, fit in, correspond, mark, run, diary, presumption, census, foot race, supply, reach, numeration, schedule, increase, bill, index, gybe, registry, lien, mark off, quantum, waybill, loan, companion, consort, calculus, assess, rationalize, draft, conclusion, poll, couple, full-grown, approximate, gauge, pip, portion, trial, itemize, train, file, summation, suppose, bestow, invoice, ledger, all-inclusive, ration, mate, store, acquire, hit, hold back, study, summary, touch, think, tab, turn back, proportion, determine, amount, fit, presume, impart, numbering, thesaurus, check up on, hold in, outpouring, rank, equalise, slay, whip, tablet, tick off, tale, see, enumerate, roll, see to it, novel, note, roster, partner, scoff, complete, remove, multiplication, ascertain, rate, control, manifest, summarize, jibe, stand for, annex, twin, recount, runnel, accumulate, bump off, check out, oppose, make sense, add up, dispatch, history, barrack, evaluate, nock, equal, digest, sum, rivulet, divide, seduce, scrapbook, contain, quantity, album, concord, stumble, tot, inventory, come, match, chalk up, tote up, repertory, algorithm, impinge on, conclude, itemization, accord, lend, watch, emblem, entire, off, conclusive.

disaccord, disagree, discord.

Examples of usage:

1) To dream of it as holding tally with me is to belittle and drag it down in thought to something scarcely larger than myself. - "Hetty Wesley", Sir Arthur Thomas Quiller-Couch.

2) He ordered the tally taken of every head of stock on his ranch. - "The Desert Valley", Jackson Gregory.

3) Well, you keep tally. - "The Other Fellow", F. Hopkinson Smith.