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Spell check of sweet

Correct spelling: sweet

pretty, beloved, fragrance, favored, repulsive, charming, fragrancy, fragrant, sympathetic, amusing, palatable, pleasing, sugared, treacly, fine, mellow, mild, angelic, redolent, unused, aromatic, cloying, bracing, companionable, sweet-flavored, unsoured, enlivening, jolly, nice, joyful, dreamy, congenial, redolence, affable, melodious, dulcet, patient, rich, bright, grateful, agreeable, amiable, sweetish, entertaining, engaging, concoction, honeyed, benevolent, pleasant, brisk, tonic, delightful, sugary, bouquet, fond, forbearing, good-tempered, odorous, sassy, bonny, savory, meek, perfumed, even, lovely, good, unsalty, cheerful, sainted, even-tempered, gracious, friendly, gooey, special, delectable, gratifying, blissful, endearing, peppery, tolerant, impudent, wise, pleasurable, open-minded, winsome, heavenly, refreshed, spicy, sweet-tempered, good-natured, lovesome, seraphic, blessed, reinvigorated, consonant, novel, benign, clement, generous, mellifluous, reasonable, scented, sweet-scented, confection, benignant, sour, felicitous, pet, lax, cherished, disarming, thoughtful, soft, cherubic, loving, peaceable, saucy, melodic, harming, luscious, good-humored, sweet-smelling, unseasoned, well-disposed, musical, euphonious, syrupy, favorite, odoriferous, delightsome, refreshing, charitable, delicious, precious, mellifluent, bitter, selfish, peaceful, enjoyable, kind, satisfying, unobjectionable, permissive, flavorful, sunny, unfermented, enchanting, unselfish, saccharine, beatific, salty, refreshful, dear, loveable, genial, honied, concordant, confectionery, clean, adorable, overbold, henry sweet, pleasantness, saintlike, smart, darling, favorable, lovable, saintly, pickled, tasty, sweetly, sweetened, quiet, attractive, liberal, fair-haired, ambrosial, new, harmonious, dessert, tuneful, sugariness, impertinent, gentle, mushy, soppy, invigorated, winning, afters, loved, tender, lenient, toothsome, seraphical, welcome, mellisonant, insipid, considerate, broad-minded, angelical, fresh, moderate, cordial.

distasteful, ghastly, ignored, stenchy, mournful, abhorrent, discourteous, alienated, contemptible, dyspeptic, unlovely, aggravating, disheartening, monstrous, nauseating, commonplace, uncivil, appalling, pleasureless, unhappy, infuriating, unloved, tedious, heinous, ornery, gamy, incensing, heartbreaking, crabby, hated, lachrymose, regrettable, malodorous, choleric, unscented, acetose, dissatisfying, detestable, fussy, ugly, unsavory, abandoned, distressing, fusty, riling, strong, lamentable, displeasing, stinky, frightful, vexing, dull, irritating, foul, querulous, inconsiderate, putrid, dismal, bearish, dreary, hostile, irritable, despised, acrimonious, cantankerous, unkind, heartrending, yucky, perturbing, unmannerly, lousy, unmusical, rude, sickening, acetous, tart, estranged, sorrowful, peevish, maddening, unfavorite, stinking, angering, offensive, forbidding, abhorred, unsightly, snappish, disdained, disgusting, sullen, unlovable, intimidating, repugnant, boorish, impolite, ill-natured, ill-smelling, depressing, lemony, dolorous, unwelcome, unmelodious, sad, peeving, quick-tempered, petulant, malodourous, stale, loathed, detested, ill-humored, churlish, doleful, unsweet, gloomy, inflaming, smelly, lugubrious, touchy, horrible, tragic, dogged, forgotten, disliked, testy, awful, sour, unpalatable, dry, rank, hateful, crabbed, flat, upsetting, obnoxious, irksome, unbeloved, bilious, horrendous, abominated, reeking, lemonlike, scandalous, abominable, joyless, ungenial, revolting, cranky, deplorable, obscene, grotesque, unamiable, ill-mannered, acidulous, repellent, hellish, grouchy, dreadful, contentious, vile, wretched, grumpy, boring, irascible, shocking, sugarless, repulsive, acerbic, acidulent, disfavored, disturbing, argumentative, ungracious, crusty, unattractive, subacid, surly, enraging, ogreish, loathsome, unmelodic, unappealing, odious, miserable, soured, noisome, tangy, rancid, unpleasant, revulsive, morose, insipid, horrid, rankling, acerb, hideous, sourish, sec, exasperating, unlikable, astringent, acidic, cruel, god-awful, fetid, contrary, outraging, execrated, odorless, disagreeable, ill-tempered, reeky, gruff, musty, acid, nonsweet, nasty, vinegary, unsociable, ill-favored, brut, annoying.

Examples of usage:

1) " Martha," she said at last, " you are so sweet and pretty, if I were Mr. Thurbyfil, I'd put my arm around you anyway, and make love to you." - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) Do you love me, sweet? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) One thing sweet and right to do. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.