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Spell check of sustain

Correct spelling: sustain

save, neglect, stupefy, sweat out, agree, come, delay, baffle, control, take, find, produce, ingest, conserve, state, breast-feed, substantiate, ache, accommodate, experience, develop, go on, go, facilitate, scram, validate, arrive, go along, actualise, hold in, pay off, reassert, uphold, shield, realize, express, cite, withstand, undergird, countenance, assure, get down, promise, start off, catch, stand up, help, answer, digest, stay, prop, profess, receive, pronounce, follow, set out, incur, nurse, endorse, go through, appeal, resist, oppose, set about, meet, generate, grow, entertain, affirm, tolerate, obtain, pocket, give, indorse, bear out, secure, exert, asseverate, minister, police, make, contend, hold water, support, encourage, create, moderate, restrain, comfort, get under one's skin, ally, stomach, take for, father, cause, contain, know, embody, incarnate, lose, parent, realise, actualize, curb, invent, bring about, nutrify, wear, reserve, nurture, declare, nourish, celebrate, wine and dine, stand by, stand, motivate, get behind, corroborate, consume, suffer, lift, transmit, stay fresh, prevent, vex, keep, argue, retort, pose, buttress, body forth, injure, let, transfer, give birth, concord, confine, hearten, mother, foster, hold, continue, testify, agree with, preserve, contract, convey, raise, concur, apply, pledge, nonplus, sire, obligate, pack, relieve, bear, reply, hack, bolster, rebut, aid, view as, ratify, abet, sympathize, capture, start, deem, brook, maintain, keep going, stimulate, back, commence, throw, shelter, fix, avail, undergo, trigger, counter, allow, approve, propound, drop, plunk for, form, halt, fend, speak up for, avouch, suckle, acknowledge, abide, proceed, attend, tote, proclaim, patronize, side with, amaze, bugger off, fetch, protect, subscribe, flummox, move, dumbfound, arrest, oblige, draw out, birth, remove, acquire, survive, ward, safeguard, pay back, catalyze, confirm, last, live on, bewilder, hold open, aim, stick, deliver, beat, cater to, prolong, become, aver, underpin, attest, stick up, hinder, defend, aliment, swan, certify, keep back, return, transport, harbor, bar, live, call, handle, backfire, buffer, befriend, set down, own, prevail, hold back, see, respond, book, promote, assist, stick out, come under, gravel, avert, defy, bring, draw, claim, plump for, screen, inaugurate, tend, beget, taste, accept, abandon, pass, cover, back up, embolden, submit, keep on, retain, go for, appear, barricade, persevere, persist, protract, align, keep open, stand up for, harbour, fatten, feature, assert, serve, endure, fund, bring up, admit, bring forth, adjudge, brace, provide, favor, possess, detain, induce, feel, warrant, hurt, adjure, keep up, witness, observe, feed, perplex, have, carry, benefit, counterattack, hold on, wield, bring before, bind, fend for, avow, hold up, check, guard, mystify, keep abreast, get, arraign, buzz off, have got, drive, start out, rear, patronise, shore, set off, hold out, uplift, verify, endow, swear, succor, patronage, bide, puzzle, put up, take in, begin, extend, engender, take hold, absorb.

dismiss, miss, throw off, drop, fight, avoid, give up, fall under, dodge, evade, circumvent, elude, resist, contradict, shake off, combat, reject, throw down, oppose, spurn, decline, refrain, forbear, abstain, negate, contest, turn down, refuse, bypass, repudiate, let go, escape.

Examples of usage:

1) Simply because he knows that the law will sustain him in his claim. - "Contemporary Socialism", John Rae.

2) Then, I may as well confess all,- I had to sustain a severe conflict within me, but I soon felt that I never could again arrive at a clear understanding of my own heart, if I let you depart. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) Now I am strong again, now my heart can once more sustain hope and happiness. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.