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Spell check of survey

Correct spelling: survey

keep an eye on, quantize, critique, inspect, take after, bailiwick, go over, scrutiny, test, inquiry, resume, oversight, visual sense, vision, raft, view, surveillance, come after, opinion, surveil, accompany, watch, estimate, purview, look, interrogation, horizon, see, interpolate, go off, calibration, mess, peck, perspective, keep up, mickle, muckle, sketch, compute, spate, scrutinize, examination, canvass, appraise, inquire, measurement, brush up, calibrate, quantify, field, stick to, written report, ken, reconnoiter, inquest, prospect, mint, adopt, cogitation, contemplation, abide by, reexamine, calculation, exploration, assess, contemplate, stare, check over, succeed, quite a little, field of study, refresh, vista, sentiment, vignette, flock, passel, visual modality, travel along, espouse, scene, subject, quantity, aspect, wad, thought, ask, checkup, interrogate, hatful, look into, watch over, batch, observe, stack, discern, rate, voyeurism, gaze, verify, retrospect, interpellation, check up on, slew, explore, work, poll, check out, benchmark, persuasion, glance, comply, eyeshot, fall over, pile, fall out, keep abreast, computation, evaluation, ranking, value, questionnaire, be, inspection, pursue, valuate, query, measure, lot, postdate, delve, look-see, check into, good deal, evaluate, subject area, subject field, review, supervision, going-over, catechize, discipline, look back, conform to, trace, challenge, scan, descry, scale, report, score, examine, come off, tidy sum, sight, debate, preview, question, regard, peruse, dispute, heap, curriculum vitae, study, consider, mass, panorama, plenty, investigate, suss out, great deal, mountain, seek, rank, play along, position, probe, audit, deal, appraisal, reconnaissance, behold, check, come, stick with, calculate, cartoon, outline, quiz, follow.

Examples of usage:

1) We feel as if we were called to rise above the world, part of which we survey at our feet. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

2) An Economic and Social Survey of Fairfax County. - "Frying Pan Farm", Elizabeth Brown Pryor.

3) We all took a careful survey of the surroundings and the horses, and then two of us rolled ourselves up in our blankets to be awakened at one o'clock a. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.