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Spell check of surrender

Correct spelling: surrender

autumn, allow, forswear, gloaming, conformity, throw overboard, assent, forgo, kick, offer, shackle, drop out, roll over, comply, conformance, forego, twilight, bondage, retirement, agreement, declination, concurrence, defection, defeat, observance, evenfall, termination, deport, desertion, desist, disclaim, renouncement, abdication, present, resignation, chuck in, knuckle under, discontinue, concession, discard, discontinuance, disclamation, leave, forsaking, rejection, throw in, hand, dusk, descent, cast off, nightfall, willingness, handover, repudiate, free, abnegation, decline, spare, spill, rescue, downfall, vacate, submitting, display, part with, stop, acquiesce, release, terminate, bow, cessation, grant, capitulation, retract, dispel, jettison, abandonment, hand over, birth, lavish, genuflect, gloam, rid, extradite, concede, redeem, abstinence, dismissal, dip, abstention, relegate, waive, dispose, downslope, drop, pullout, meekness, help, compliance, cancel, affirmation, render, shed, tumble, forfeit, throw in the towel, riddance, cancellation, concur, bend, conform, disposal, capitulate, agree, cession, fealty, give birth, free fall, rendition, contribute, show, dismiss, obedience, discontinuation, conceding, fulfillment, relinquish, voice, apostasy, relegation, subjection, vent, adhere, bear, abdicate, servility, obeisance, fork up, renounce, self-denial, respect, reliance, cease, evacuate, accept, distribute, homage, turn in, observe, yielding, adherence, pin, withdraw, quit, abandon, giving up, declension, withdrawal, delivery, manifest, cede, capture, have, consent, give up, renunciation, go down, deliver, submissiveness, dereliction, deference, restraint, obey, disown, desert, capitulating, go out, forsake, appeasement, drive home, fall by the wayside, sacrifice, defect, prisoner, appease, lose, relinquishment, succumb, pitch, reject, captivity, give, tergiversation, fulfill, genuflection, give away, return, resign, dispense with, defer, yield, submission, bomb out of, fork over, kowtow, vacation, abjure, crepuscle, acquiescence, let go, depart from, white flag, retire, recant, chuck up the sponge, lay off, New Year's resolution, save, fall, dependence, fork out, crepuscule, drop by the wayside, acceptance, submit, declivity, cave.

defend, favor, prosecute, assert, retain, maintain, court, vindicate, seek, advocate, resistance, haunt, withstand, hold out, resist, hold, keep, undertake, claim, pursue, uphold, occupy, stand firm, adopt, support, protect, cherish.

Examples of usage:

1) Why doesn't she surrender? - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

2) I pressed him once more to my heart before I had to surrender him again; but we both firmly trusted that He who had granted us this happiness would also grant us a future to enjoy it. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) It was set and anxious, but there was no sign of surrender in it. - "A Prairie Courtship", Harold Bindloss.