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Spell check of support

Correct spelling: support

temper, agency, accept, suffer, gestate, incite, live, joist, answer, choke off, boost, AI, assume, deposition, raise, deliver, leg up, donjon, amuse, shop at, bear out, stick up, turn out, post, address, extemporize, comedian, delay, subordinate, nourish, domiciliate, oppose, curb, stomach, sports, underpinning, actualize, stand out, sanction, survive, mediate, authentication, deal with, set down, jut out, compose, jump, organize, go on, class, sympathize, corroboration, catch, lining, reliever, allow, author, musical accompaniment, mounting, testimony, substantiate, vivify, group, keep, back, attestation, yield, arrange, favor, confirm, friendly, sign, avow, subsidy, rank, response, warrant, toughen, Band-Aid, foundation, exponent, pointer, bailout, hold in, swan, fortify, stave, instigate, nutriment, lay on, hold water, supporter, nutrition, admit, weather, clog, return, plump for, manifest, endorsement, braces, information, assistance, acquit, mother, affirm, corroborate, champion, bet on, pledge, withstand, maintain, take over, fact, fend, service, foster, encourage, escort, brook, pay, unify, take for, argue, keep back, scrape by, make, sustentation, stronghold, burn in, evince, separate, condescend, fix, cast, solidarity, jump out, demonstration, prop up, sustenance, cane, bond, meet, proponent, contribution, go for, betoken, quotation, wall, cash flow, energize, bread and butter, reinforce, retain, shore, harden, contain, brave, abetment, sort, birth, fend for, promote, throw, settle, ABEND, stabilize, access, attendant, agree with, sympathizer, sustainment, buffer, tolerate, sympathies, crutch, avail, foul, appropriation, carry, documentation, screen, collar, bolster up, reinforcement, timber, fight, shelter, keep up, take, validation, alpha test, obtain, motivation, compress, contend, regulate, column, plot, hold, incarnate, stanchion, pole, deport, sustain, smoking gun, authoring, spur, patron, demonstrate, dependence, jut, depose, police, actualise, fight down, provide, rebut, marshal, exemplify, assist, belligerent, backer, prove, observation, fund, fortress, resist, amount, bind, choke, offer, bombed-out, helping hand, in hand, punt, point to, relieve, embolden, concord, condense, backup man, data, reenforcement, save, condoning, ally, championship, run, observe, abet, witness, adherent, software documentation, bide, balance, score, approve, upkeep, place, verify, project, ply with, bounty, succor, have got, moat, fill-in, bolster, ideologue, plan, beef up, dungeon, relief, co-occurrence, air cover, determine, plunk for, stay, second, rod, follower, erect, serve, countermeasure, block, orchestrate, maintenance, pigeonhole, type, secure, battle cry, comfort, uphold, unsnarl, certification, artist, artificial intelligence, permit, provision, act, strengthener, validate, reassert, classify, entertain, patronise, grade, structure, lift, reward, batch, moderate, house, establish, allowance, stand, mount, invest in, aliveness, adjure, have, exhibit, frequent, friend, game, subscribe to, financing, buttress, suggestion, barricade, document, counter-evidence, integrate, guard, program, shop, mark, body forth, feed, agree, take in, put up, expect, see about, gage, order, gantry, stand up, change, collate, respond, prepare, restrain, manifestation, encouragement, buddy system, stick out, hold out, attend, afford, black out, debut, back up, hinge, finance, reply, go, protection, harbour, blood money, swear, state, bandage, set up, hold up, assert, establishment, nominate, take hold, contribute, shape, speak up for, barrier, express, prop, lose, back down, away, methodize, shield, certify, life, nurture, rib, care, confine, help, align, sponsor, view as, protect, endow, illustrate, stake, persist, comport, nurse, defy, harmonize, prolong, keep going, corset, alimentation, bankroll, disburse, check, hold back, armor, background processing, tide over, halt, prevail, underpin, get by, emcee, stretch, clown, browse, stilt, guide, supporting, zero-sum game, obligate, spend, get through, countenance, concur, computer backup, declaration, payment, pay out, profess, alimony, nourishment, burn, advocacy, empower, invigorate, rear, indorse, advocate, place upright, enliven, help out, tin, budget, subsist, evidence, statement, retort, proof, ministration, confirmation, oblige, aver, submit, adjust, testify, live on, schedule, assure, determination, wear, set, facilitation, rationalize, endowment, back off, indicate, bar, adduce, ache, clog up, digest, die hard, show, conjurer, conjure, categorize, subsistence, systematize, stratify, eke out, comic, attest, avouch, pillar, fight back, facilitate, declare, give birth, defense, last, accompaniment, rafter, realize, minister, tend, backing, substitute, substantiation, appear, cover, buy at, benefit, remain firm, apply, framework, sift, authenticate, strengthen, shore up, subscribe, can, claim, patronize, animation, hurt, aversion, stand-in, comedienne, counterattack, adjudge, archive, beleaguered, hand, bridge over, indication, deem, run on, get, call up, have a bun in the oven, acrobat, congest, financial support, argument, moral support, extreme sport, living, cooperation, detain, backfire, mothering, array, reserve, brave out, arrest, reinforcing stimulus, pronounce, contact sport, embody, protrude, get behind, accommodate, active duty, represent, rampart, defend, chart, abide, cater, leap out, proclaim, scaffold, handle, specimen, active service, propound, aid, cotton ball, aggressor, schematize, frame, patronage, design, put forward, behave, tackle, right, normalize, capture, bear, avert, scheme, connote, combat, book, exemplification, ratify, ward, brace, realise, motivate, security, endorse, reinforcer, cotton, acknowledge, control, counter, illustration, concentrate, rebuttal, access time, promise, complement, concomitant, A-D conversion, livelihood, endure, rate, connotation, give, face, conduct, do, loyalty, victuals, funding, artiste, resistance, devise, vouch, form, aliment, safeguard, financial backing, harbor, backup.

impede, frustration, dissuade, restraint, frustrate, confound, disconcert, obstruct, discouragement, denounce, obstruction, deterrence, hindrance, negate, interference, counteract, inhibition, discourage, deter, hinder, disapprove, contradict, repression, baffle, expose, constraint.

Examples of usage:

1) " And so it is, dear Joan," said Mary; " be of good heart, and Heaven will support you. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.

2) She was poor and didn't have a mother to support her, and she had to work for a living. - "Contemporary One-Act Plays Compiler: B. Roland Lewis", Sir James M. Barrie George Middleton Althea Thurston Percy Mackaye Lady Augusta Gregor Eugene Pillot Anton Tchekov Bosworth Crocker Alfred Kreymborg Paul Greene Arthur Hopkins Paul Hervieu Jeannette Marks Oscar M. Wolff David Pinski Beulah Bornstead Herma.

3) Because, sir, I love her, and there is good reason to believe that I shall be able to support her by next summer. - "I Walked in Arden", Jack Crawford.