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Spell check of superiority

Correct spelling: superiority

consequence, preponderance, license, toploftiness, mastery, championship, empowerment, strength, first-rateness, puissance, excellence, distinction, bumptiousness, force, domination, presumptuousness, superciliousness, self-importance, hauteur, prestigiousness, office, charge, mandate, pride, command, perfection, greatness, pompousness, kingship, mightiness, preeminence, loftiness, high horse, powerfulness, masterfulness, haughtiness, vanity, primacy, commission, clout, condescension, prerogative, advantage, power, predominance, choiceness, noteworthiness, incomparability, title, magnificence, pretension, punch, precedence, faculty, might, transcendency, favorable position, self-consequence, paramountcy, purview, sway, impressiveness, snobbery, assumption, supremacy, influence, authority, narcissism, dazzle, conceit, entitlement, lordliness, superbness, imperiousness, cogency, prestige, credential, eminence, steam, transcendence, privilege, enfranchisement, rank, seniority, high quality, arrogance, huffiness, sovereignty, primeness, ascendancy, birthright, pomposity, favourable position, dominance, potency, excellency, infallibility, stature, awesomeness, right, peremptoriness, pretense, preponderancy, pretentiousness, egotism, control, prepotency.

insignificance, worthlessness, shyness, crumminess, low quality, timidness, lowliness, humility, modesty, diffidence, reservedness, inferiority, passiveness, unassumingness, ordinariness, mousiness, badness, bashfulness, self-doubt, self-distrust, unpretentiousness, demureness, submissiveness, retiringness, averageness, obscurity, timidity, mediocrity, reserve, meekness, obscureness, quietness, passivity.

Examples of usage:

1) Cards' pride was, on several occasions, distinctly hurt by this laughter, but his certain conviction of his own superiority always comforted him. - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.

2) He had about him an air of conscious superiority. - "Memoirs of Orange Jacobs", Orange Jacobs.

3) Davey asked, with the easy superiority of his extra years, when he came down from the stables and found his mother standing at the gate, looking down the track Deirdre and he had just come by. - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.