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Spell check of sum

Correct spelling: sum

plus, enumeration, done, manifest, labor union, annual, system, approximation, gibe, quantity, centerfield, all, fit, algebra, register, come, thesaurus, daybook, mettle, consider, wrap-up, thoroughness, division, accomplished, crescendo, surmise, center of attention, bailout, undivided, estimate, fullness, heart and soul, bill, catalog, capsule, computational, fondness, check, number, score, rundown, workbook, append, collective, annex, sum of money, figure, intact, jointure, outline, novel, cash book, rate, ration, multiplication, brotherhood, brief, root, record, capstone, aggregate, exhaustive, everything, abacus, treasury, nitty-gritty, aggregation, index, dictionary, appropriation, infer, triangulate, tablet, gross, attain, internality, valuation, meridian, logbook, scrapbook, nerve center, spunk, enumerate, book, everybody, account, storybook, conclusive, album, comprehensive, increase, climax, trades union, uniting, spirit, value, calculus, augment, plot, add, assess, quantify, everyone, addition, mall, finished, appraisal, plan, burden, weigh, amount, inwardness, trade union, unsevered, scheme, heart, grand total, blank-book, match, calculate, entire, plenum, cash flow, allness, recap, gestalt, quantification, magnetic core, summing up, divide, roundup, sweeping, précis, integrality, measure, encapsulation, study, proportion, computation, perfume, algorithm, think, conglomeration, blood money, pith, entireness, high-water mark, conclusion, shopping center, through, calendar, lexicon, tip-top, appraise, final, chalk up, average, sum up, breviary, junction, inventory, summarize, quantum, increment, estimation, nerve centre, documentation, evaluation, collection, binomial, bank-book, summary, oneness, affectionateness, essence, union, judgement, centerpiece, reckon, message, meaning, solidarity, whole, presume, recording, vegetable marrow, deduce, entirety, marriage, bosom, thought, eye, statement, inference, wedlock, assessment, consideration, plaza, join, running total, menu, tally, systematize, shopping mall, annals, nucleus, multiply, totality, pad, add up, bottom line, unification, conspectus, midpoint, subject matter, history, center, chronicle, collectivity, coupling, invoice, philia, content, bull's-eye, determine, unabridged, accumulate, amount of money, integrity, noontime, arithmetic, statistics, journal, allowance, file, roster, repertory, integral, compute, peak, complete, nerve, juncture, ledger, guess, top, effect, crown, completeness, calculation, diary, supply, impart, mating, log, itemization, gist, summarization, digest, thorough, accrue, measurement, schedule, all-inclusive, list, agree, registry, affection, bestow, solid, count, meat, congeries, synopsis, holistic, store, nubbin, tabulate, means, tote up, nubble, net, acquire, stub, warmheartedness, tenderness, integration, detail, full-scale, articulation, hit, conclude, budget, summate, summation, approximate, apex, suppose, evaluate, nub, conclusiveness, judge, bone marrow, contribute, deduction, lend, piece, shopping centre, uncut, pinnacle, tot up, rationalize, plenary, quantize, core, gauge, comprehensiveness, reckoning, universal, summarise, full, center field, program, marrow, snapper, countdown, bring, culmination, yearbook, high tide, all-embracing, change, abstract, rack up, ne plus ultra, substance, epitome, jibe, head, conjugation, docket, census, triangulation, add together, run-through, determination, core group, make sense, waybill, table, conglutination, notebook, middle, full-fledged, sum total, portion, presumption, full-grown, matrimony, total, centre, warmness, decimal place, sexual union, acme, keynote, meat and potatoes, pairing, marrow squash, summa, exhaustiveness, bankroll, summit, tot, ticker, rank, kernel, intactness, pump, spousal relationship, allotment, method, global, recount, deviation, correspond, resume, bounty, apogee, scroll, supposition, mathematics, wholeness, zenith, the sum total, unified, pivot, point, bond, unity, universe, high noon, roll, mass, crest, noon, recapitulation.

enlargement, nadir, foot, minimum, bottom, abyss, expansion, net, amplification, supplement, rock bottom, addendum, base.

Examples of usage:

1) He is the sum of his parents and his wet- nurse. - "The Expositor's Bible: The Book of Exodus", G. A. Chadwick.

2) How could the trifling events which made up the sum of five or six days have brought about such a change? - "Jane Oglander", Marie Belloc Lowndes.

3) He said he would send her a certain sum of money- and it was a generous one, that is but just to admit- if when she received it she would take another sum, which he would also send, and return to them. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.