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Spell check of subject

Correct spelling: subject

dependant, put in, hand, overmaster, subject field, second, marooned, relegate, overpower, explanation, subservient, citizen, rule, compatriot, playing area, govern, overturn, instance, menial, cause, triumph, community, assailable, suppress, radical, equal to, over, form, volunteer, champaign, scene, henchman, pawn, homage, pendent, outcome, bow, sphere, indication, thing, tame, outlet, governed, study, dominate, shell, constrained, message, chromatography, number, bind, theorem, unresolved, mental object, egress, flunky, bound, contentedness, defeat, description, branch of knowledge, athletic field, thesis, surmount, capacity, subaltern, theoretical, overt, sketch, caseful, depicted object, topical, animal rights, enslaved, servile, cogitation, vassal, theater of operations, state, clear, pillowcase, theater, hypothetical, root word, put forward, overmatch, underling, event, foil, content, playing field, answerable, defer, line, affair, stranded, allomorph, liable, junior, purpose, prone, theatre of operations, aide-de-camp, adequate to, control, worst, take, domain, antecedent, ground, paradigm, orbit, pendant, submissive, employee, way out, landing field, field of operations, help, return, adjunct, face, axiom, flying field, slip, upshot, agent, assistant, opinion, pith, susceptible, exit, commission, field of study, definition, postulation, idea, wording, worker, relative, payoff, grammatical case, posit, receptive, grammar, overthrow, undetermined, case, cherub, birthright, trounce, subjugate, supine, base, compliant, battlefield, trump, thrust, written report, item, position, master, sheath, crush, outdo, military issue, reduce, able, hooked, report, render, presumption, belief, consequence, cognitive content, musical theme, draftsmanship, argument, paper, unfranchised, aid, question, sensitive, field of view, offspring, bailiwick, overcome, work, qualifier, deferent, beat, theme, up to, enslave, subdue, structure, checkmate, eccentric, exposition, win, syntax, lawsuit, nonexempt, double-blind, outplay, capture, exposed, whip, consideration, aesthetic, undefendable, aide, accede, phrase, issue, conjugation, helper, connotation, inferior, arena, airfield, implication, below, helping hand, dissect, government issue, drug-addicted, pillow slip, countryman, taxable, vanquish, capable, discipline, qualified, conjecture, tenor, loose, conditional, subjugated, basic, character, interpretation, formulation, assertion, susceptive, force field, battleground, enthralled, font, put down, helpmate, correction, part, clause, suit, countrywoman, relevance, legend, servant, undefended, assumption, serf, dependent, subjected, detect, problem, object, intent, tentative, flavor, dissertation, undecided, down, contention, concept, peon, controlled, motif, citizenry, submit, give in, anatomize, matter, allophone, auxiliary, survey, laborer, humble, deputy, accusative, language, axiomatic, national, candid, detection, inference, guinea pig, topic, under, collateral, cleft sentence, restrain, causa, quash, essay, territory, enthrall, empirical, display case, example, article, aboriginal, format, field of operation, hinder, usage, vitrine, referent, conceptual, composition, unfastened, principle, showcase, quell, meaning, predominate, specialty, basis, plain, root, realm, field of honor, chattel, obedient, contingent, issuing, keep down, melodic theme, discomfit, gist, progeny, predicate, substance, takings, reliant, pass on, emergence, line of business, significance, theatre, strung-out, conditioned, drift, result, casing, reconcile, heart-to-heart, ruled, start, biopiracy, constrain, publication, opened, resign, present, denotation, hypothesis, point, fount, type, stem, crux, lesser, typeface, vulnerable, collocate, rout, lieutenant, proceeds, statement, subject matter, slavish, field, subject area, field of force, citizenship, area, field of battle, conquer, query, phraseology, repress, the body politic, directed, open, premise, thematic, issuance, effect, text, subordinate, endangered, likely, yield.

fly, secured, insubordinate, basal, simple, capitulate, surrender, absolute, retire, unequivocal, screened, lose, outright, shielded, fall, warded, perfect, utter, unadulterated, cede, independent, submit, forfeit, unqualified, unsusceptible, sheltered, fail, guarded, insusceptible, consummate, unconditional, ultimate, resign, arrant, unaffected, all-out, out-and-out, unexposed, protected, retreat, safeguarded, covered, yield, basic, succumb, primary, unmitigated, categorical, complete, unalloyed, invulnerable, total, fundamental.

Examples of usage:

1) She turned to her aunt and started a new subject. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

2) He changed the subject. - "The Furnace", Rose Macaulay.

3) Speak to your son at once on the subject, and learn the truth,- the whole truth. - "The Martins Of Cro' Martin, Vol. II (of II)", Charles James Lever.