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Spell check of stutter

Correct spelling: stutter

mess up, bollix, waver, botch, flub, muck up, jolt, twitch, diction, blow, spoil, bobble, mishandle, enunciate, articulation, mumble, fumble, sputter, louse up, bodge, bungle, bumble, stammer, bollix up, intone, screw up, dance, splutter, botch up, pronunciation, falter, ball up, jump, pronounce, lunge, mutter, flicker, impediment, foul up, lurch, spring, articulate, bollocks up, lisp, stumble, come at, fluff, words.

Examples of usage:

1) A feeling like awe stole upon him and he whispered,- without a stutter,-" S'pose he should lose it!" - "The Brass Bound Box", Evelyn Raymond.

2) You never stuttered a single stutter from beginning to end! - "The Brass Bound Box", Evelyn Raymond.

3) Well, as you know, I haven't much ear for music, and I hoped I would get an easy tune; but when my partner, a long, thin, earnest man, with a stutter, burst on me and whistled wildly in my face, I had the hopeless feeling that I had never heard the tune before. - "Olivia in India", O. Douglas.