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Spell check of stunning

Correct spelling: stunning

benumbing, hampering, dumbfounding, screwing up, bewildering, beautiful, knockout, graceful, angelic, startling, incapacitating, hindering, astonishing, handsome, fabulous, delightful, elegant, pleasing, shocking, weakening, impairing, quaint, sapping, ornamental, sensational, amazing, disabling, aesthetic, exquisite, paralyzing, wonderful, superb, enchanting, pulchritudinous, resplendent, good, cramping, tampering, awesome, finished, wondrous, jolting, arresting, pretty, eye-filling, jaw-dropping, stupefying, comely, disarming, captivating, impressing, prostrating, well-favored, gorgeous, attractive, belle, enfeebling, neutralizing, dazzling, likely, disorienting, cute, remarkable, flowerlike, glamorous, sublime, stupendous, prodigious, becoming, goodly, unexpected, appealing, adorable, refined, eye-opening, picturesque, glorious, deadening, laming, awful, dulling, marvelous, fetching, crippling, abrogating, beguiling, overwhelming, catching unawares, flabbergasting, blindsiding, invalidating, lovesome, astounding, polished, taking, handicapping, miraculous, breathtaking, beauteous, bonny, phenomenal, scotching, fair, drop-dead, charming, earth-shattering, jarring, anesthetizing, sensory, staggering, botching, impressive, radiant, splendid, surprising, ravishing, shapely, seemly, eye-catching, vitiating, lovely, hobbling, good-looking, extraordinary, taking aback, hamstringing, sightly, nice-looking, portentous, undermining, dazing.

frightful, vile, unshapely, mundane, usual, unbecoming, uninteresting, abominable, unappealing, customary, unpleasing, unattractive, unsightly, ordinary, Gorgonian, unlovely, objectionable, disheartening, foul, repellent, exhausting, terrible, hideous, unexceptional, shocking, repulsive, plain, monotonous, nasty, dispiriting, unappetizing, nauseating, uninspired, bad, demoralizing, unimpressive, enervating, debilitating, horrible, unpretty, unpleasant, offensive, revolting, dreadful, typical, wearisome, normal, enfeebling, grotesque, weary, abhorrent, ghastly, uninspiring, ill-favored, disagreeable, frumpy, draining, orienting, unprepossessing, wearing, unremarkable, repugnant, tiring, witchy, wearying, unhandsome, ugly, dull, sickening, uncomely, common, tedious, fatiguing, discouraging, unbeautiful, homely, unaesthetic, jading, boring, unimposing, frumpish, unsurprising, haggish, orientating, loathsome, disgusting.

Examples of usage:

1) Jack Smallwood says he's a stunning- looking fellow. - "The Mermaid of Druid Lake and Other Stories", Charles Weathers Bump.

2) When the first stunning pain had somewhat subsided, I said to myself, that I must bear it as well as I could, and at least try to be of some use as a subordinate, having forfeited my rights as a master. - "The Dead Lake and Other Tales", Paul Heyse.

3) Anyhow she wants it- she's stunning.... - "Fortitude", Hugh Walpole.