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Spell check of study

Correct spelling: study

make, area, water color, sift, survey, content, glean, sight, get, choose, verify, acquire, learning, essay, portrait, envisioning, say, canvass, champaign, try out, theme, bemusement, submit, hear, accept, concentration, hire, plot, judge, guess, excogitate, select, issue, depicted object, test, presume, consideration, rent, remove, reckon, see, take aim, subject, reputation, preoccupation, cogitate, story, thinking, reason, chew over, subscribe to, watch, development, absorption, branch of knowledge, investigation, airfield, fill, assume, speculation, plain, rationalize, information, line of business, checkup, theatre, envision, calculus, get wind, count, use up, deal, sum, field of operations, examine, film, exact, battleground, sphere, report card, diagram, think about, muse, matter, lucubration, studio, body of work, awareness, measurement, ruminate, rendering, consume, absent-mindedness, subject field, postulate, theatre of operations, imagination, culture, vignette, shoot, strike, playing area, thought, estimate, guinea pig, break down, divide, read, pick up, figure, probe, larn, ingest, contract, show, look at, digest, engrossment, scheme, cerebration, reckoning, comprehend, paper, learn, presumption, news report, train, trance, canvas, breeding, suppose, mull, grasp, arena, observe, exploration, value, enumerate, deduce, take on, comparison, program, regard, meditation, field of study, case, evaluation, subscribe, contain, mind, orbit, speculate, think over, nurture, rehearsal, determine, art, theater of operations, compute, valuation, arithmetic, think, domain, intellection, masterpiece, aim, daydreaming, assimilate, woolgathering, view, estimation, delving, memorize, lead, pondering, conclusion, force field, education, heed, bailiwick, scene, approximation, calculation, inspect, quantize, conclude, contemplation, determination, systematize, reverie, inquest, pastel, depiction, meditate, disquisition, assay, brown study, exercise, scan, theater, imagine, interpret, weighing, analyze, add, quantify, tally, absorb, approximate, composition, register, wistfulness, measure, system, psychoanalyse, guide, weigh, ask, get hold of, examination, charter, reflect, perusal, field of view, landscape, record, playing field, reading, necessitate, pick out, judgement, musing, office, try, demand, practice, debate, field of force, translate, piece of work, psychoanalyze, gauge, inquisition, flying field, instruct, multiply, pack, con, illustration, abstraction, involve, field of honor, conceive, going-over, landing field, lease, consider, report, mathematics, analyse, athletic field, turn over, check, winnow, total, bring, understand, convey, reasoning, written report, claim, assessment, mull over, supposition, national, oeuvre, occupy, charcoal, take in, have, take, employment, schedule, rate, master, score, algorithm, probing, painting, plan, carry, subject area, schooling, discover, method, battlefield, examen, surmise, multiplication, brood, ascertain, hold, division, attend, believe, brooding, moot, direct, get a line, statistics, work, sketch, ponder, prove, find out, tuition, workplace, cartoon, peruse, questioning, require, review, field, adopt, infer, reflection, admit, concentrate on, research, probation, cogitation, investigate, call for, take away, account, discipline, attention, deliberation, enumeration, library, engage, deliberate, drive, teaching, drawing, evaluate, correction, inference, calculate, advisement, appraisal, concentrate, instruction, room, picture, appraise, cultivation, withdraw, get word, inquiry, field of battle, tracing, training, computation, inspection, drill, rank, write up, knowledge, realize, anatomize, memorise, hit the books, topic, resume, analysis, need, take up, deduction, contemplate, assess, scrutiny, take apart, doodle, dissect, conduct, daydream, poll, teach, blueprint, scrutinize, field of operation, cerebrate.

ignorance, illiteracy, short shrift.

Examples of usage:

1) You may return to the study hall. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) Martin's face was a study. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.

3) It was the first letter he had written to her, and Charlotte's face, as she read it, was a study. - "The Locusts' Years", Mary Helen Fee.