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Spell check of strong

Correct spelling: strong

sloshed, agitated, frowsty, peppy, hobnail, untroubled, reeking, decisive, ablaze, potent, operose, tireless, forceful, salutary, robust, earnest, grueling, hearty, obstinate, telling, hard, foul, great, watertight, healthy, plucky, able-bodied, stony, intemperate, full-blooded, stout, accented, sprightly, autocratic, furious, influential, fortified, fervid, unvoiced, severe, hygienic, soaked, fuddled, pungent, well, muscular, courageous, eager, sanitary, tangy, bulletproof, sozzled, skilled, musty, persuasive, emphatic, compelling, consequential, effectual, self-coloured, mighty, iron, durable, authoritarian, dynamic, buckram, stubborn, spunky, bullnecked, steady, masterful, lively, controlling, untouchable, perceptive, rich, pie-eyed, convincing, indefatigable, stinking, effervescent, good, steadfast, persevering, pixilated, rigid, fusty, inviolable, important, acute, puissant, fiery, laborious, forcible, unfluctuating, brave, stinky, industrious, invulnerable, substantive, upstanding, animated, conclusive, inviolate, equipotent, hefty, marked, insecure, powerful, strict, sure, toilsome, sinewy, punishing, beefed-up, sturdy, hobnailed, arduous, frisky, persistent, unassailable, bullocky, strenuous, enduring, headstrong, authoritative, clear, zippy, ingestion, cast-iron, stenchy, competent, impressive, bullheaded, unanimous, vigorous, commanding, true, absolute, hard-bitten, fixed, arrogant, straight, driven, burly, zealous, ardent, alcoholic, impassioned, stalwart, multipotent, reinforced, indomitable, athletic, ripe, dictatorial, significant, sound, healthful, loyal, obdurate, unbendable, tight, whole, backbreaking, dependable, energetic, heavy, intense, virile, truehearted, surd, intelligent, smelly, devoted, self-colored, emaciated, plush, stressed, doughty, husky, drastic, heady, cogent, mettlesome, intoxicating, knockout, noticeable, reeky, manly, undaunted, fast, loaded, slopped, safe, irregular, lusty, substantial, crocked, well-set, wet, cockeyed, stimulating, inexpugnable, unflagging, unattackable, obvious, hardened, nippy, high, enthusiastic, sacrosanct, sharp, vivacious, proficient, heavy-duty, squiffy, fierce, real, soused, hot, weak, strengthened, intoxicative, definite, determined, dogged, brawny, fresh, profound, plastered, rugged, solid, inured, infrangible, unfaltering, surface, gruelling, funky, spirituous, diligent, starchy, passionate, firm, lovesome, voiceless, unyielding, difficult, secure, insistent, vital, afire, imperious, reliable, ironlike, extreme, toughened, staunch, bold, unwavering, exuberant, well-founded, unafraid, stable, unstable, dauntless, frowsy, unimpaired, impregnable, adept, bombproof, well-knit, besotted, knock-down, dynamical, fond, blind drunk, sagacious, faithful, blotto, strong-willed, rank, burning, deep, unmixed, unshakable, hardy, stiff, resolute, conceptive, strapping, spirited, vehement, keen, sense, hard-hitting, concentrated, fetid, hale, noisome, able, quick, material, effective, excited, satisfying, formidable, big, smashed, salubrious, active, tough, affectionate, wiry, tenacious, warm, wholesome, tender, beardown, prolific, fervent, continue, zestful, snappy, square, immobile, full.

forceless, mortal, listless, unconvincing, yielding, ripe, ill, nonalcoholic, incapacitated, jerry-built, insecure, sensitive, adynamic, transient, regular, soft, bland, redolent, fragile, unknown, uncertain, unsteady, diffident, fainting, insignificant, inconclusive, gutless, spicy, sweet, enfeebled, weakling, helpless, fruity, frail, enervated, inconsequential, thin, weakened, asthenic, unsound, tasteless, flat, emaciated, anemic, unqualified, wasted, pale, anaemic, unsubstantial, unbalanced, uncelebrated, invalid, thinned, unhealthy, disabled, unskilled, wobbly, immaterial, lame, slight, crippled, wan, challenged, groundless, unfounded, failing, spiritless, savory, light, tender, exhausted, weak-kneed, gentle, shoddy, flowery, smooth, delicate, characterless, scented, anonymous, insipid, flavorless, impotent, mellow, uncompelling, unfit, fragrant, inexpert, tottering, unskillful, ineffective, debilitated, temporary, pallid, mild, emasculated, flimsy, unimportant, run-down, tottery, sick, shaky, irrelevant, watery, ambrosial, nameless, inept, worn out, worn, stale, wimpy, resistless, diluted, infirm, indecisive, powerless, effete, perishable, puny, dilute, feeble, vulnerable, susceptible, obscure, faint, diseased, watered-down, worn down, savorless, namby-pamby, unforceful, unstable, incompetent, sapped, limp, aged, weak, little, aromatic, unpersuasive, incapable, perfumed, spineless, unresistant, wishy-washy, woodsy, rickety, paralyzed, small.

Examples of usage:

1) Strong arms reached for him. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) She has always been very brave and strong. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) I am now so strong. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.