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Spell check of strength

Correct spelling: strength

violence, mightiness, specialism, prestige, attack, enduringness, control, relish, verve, long suit, potential, vim, duress, power, stamina, skill, better, superiority, cogency, saturation, empowerment, horsepower, firepower, steadiness, sureness, depth, credential, strong, vividness, fortissimo, stoutness, snap, nerve, zeal, military group, efficacy, birthright, privilege, gusto, force-out, stiffness, activity, weakness, say-so, peppiness, zip, industriousness, distinctiveness, volume, personnel, military strength, constraint, capacity, potentiality, spunk, qualification, sprightliness, physique, speciality, charge, effervescence, steadfastness, stableness, influence, primacy, fire, grasp, mastery, because, action, eagerness, spark, specialisation, durability, effect, fervency, effectuality, commission, sovereignty, intensity level, office, aptitude, clout, liveliness, fortitude, agitation, authorization, stability, posture, vitality, entitlement, prerogative, toughness, energy, force, mandate, sinew, viscidity, stature, friskiness, faculty, steam, specialization, effectualness, title, coercion, potency, earnestness, soundness, bearing, animation, zing, puissance, intensity, muscle, powerfulness, specialness, talent, health, vivacity, seniority, authorisation, wholeness, ardency, expertness, since, strong suit, concentration, military posture, dominance, medium, obstinacy, domination, go, punch, pep, drive, change, bullheadedness, right, command, license, readiness, effectiveness, persistency, loudness, tenacity, brawn, pressure, get-up-and-go, continue, passion, doggedness, prepotency, enfranchisement, strong point, potence, competency, agility, peculiarity, military unit, susceptibility, purview, fastness, intensiveness, sway, hardness, vigor, position, specialty, integrity, persuasiveness, cleverness, huskiness, stance, dexterity, effectivity, solidity, chroma, firmness, metier, military force, excitement, compulsion, military capability, fervor, spirit, attitude, exuberance, zest, ability, thew, security, forte, rank, determination, authority, efficiency, lastingness, capability, forcefulness, backbone, carriage, precedence, sturdiness, feebleness, enthusiasm, competence, kingship, might, lustiness.

inaptitude, insecurity, maladroitness, dulness, awkwardness, feebleness, precariousness, shakiness, unpersuasiveness, incompetency, incapableness, inefficaciousness, incapability, incompetence, helplessness, insubstantiality, unstableness, unsubstantiality, inefficacy, imbecility, stupidity, impotence, uselessness, ineffectualness, ineffectuality, weakness, disability, powerlessness, paralysis, inability, instability, weak point, inefficiency, unsteadiness, incapacity, impotency, ineffectiveness, unsoundness.

Examples of usage:

1) And where got he his strength? - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

2) They haven't the strength. - "The Eye of Dread", Payne Erskine.

3) That seemed to be the only course open to him now, and he knew himself just well enough to doubt his own strength. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.