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Spell check of strain

Correct spelling: strain

channel, gentle wind, spot, distortion, accentuate, gillyflower, hint, clan, stochastic variable, transmission line, bloodline, prove, pass on, smidgen, warble, endeavor, variation, nisus, crumb, variance, flex, achieve, descriptor, seam, lineage, bank line, draw out, smell, nip, credit line, manner, cable, bruise, dribble, grade, contort, contrast, conformation, category, mannikin, stock, argument, falsify, descent, dram, nature, stretch forth, tad, set, screen out, twist, note, pain, render, line, continue, breeze, tenor, go, label, business line, species, emphasize, denomination, line of business, accent, aviation, essay, stretch, extraction, mold, manikin, line of merchandise, phone line, streak, form, fund, gunstock, give, feather, demarcation, progress to, smack, try, try out, course, soma, genotype, signifier, degree, line of reasoning, mite, shred, melody, mannequin, edition, wrinkle, variate, filter, broth, trickle, subscriber line, configuration, trouble, little, order, word form, offer, hold out, bit, puree, anatomy, hear, birth, pull, prolong, manakin, rail line, assay, business, melodic line, force, line of descent, family tree, var., splash, extend to, glimmer, description, effort, argumentation, stamp, classification, filtrate, speck, deform, personal line of credit, step, genus, atmosphere, wring, sample, occupation, push, strive, parentage, try on, tonal pattern, put out, striving, call, phylum, reach out, exertion, get to, turn over, short letter, separate out, driblet, bod, labor, hand, shape, chance variable, scruple, cover, percolate, kind, moil, origin, tenseness, tenor voice, peanuts, zephyr, sift, assembly line, crinkle, material body, tense up, genealogy, toil, air, product line, contact, telephone line, trace, tug, crease, emphasis, pipeline, elbow grease, stock certificate, variant, pressure, stemma, personal credit line, birdsong, build, sieve, genre, ace, stripe, class, overrefinement, taxonomy, people, caudex, accomplish, song, wrench, suspicion, vocal, stretch out, lay, arrive at, chassis, permeate, change form, variety, endeavour, physique, taste, telephone circuit, turn, bend, unfold, touch, race, figure, air travel, pedigree, skosh, twine, birdcall, cast, judge, designation, spark, ray, production line, series, make, straining, family, grain, type, spatter, change shape, travail, widen, pattern, tension, get hold of, random variable, ilk, snap, seek, emphasise, kidney, neckcloth, punctuate, gain, sweat, breeding, ounce, lick, struggle, dab, sink in, frame, physical body, filter out, shade, focus, kingdom, exsert, examine, level, attempt, shadow, inventory, while, ache, livestock, airwave, scintilla, extend, sprinkling, billet, sort, colour, tune, flesh, protract, get through, aura, version, railway line, blood line, agate line, hit, furrow, reach, persuasion, garble, human body, pass, adjudicate, test, brand, color, mental strain, work, nervous strain, line of credit, logical argument, blood, dividing line, soup├žon, discrepancy, farm animal, communication channel, job, tinge, rank, carry, drive, anxiety, expand, line of products, stress, broaden, lead, tense, twisting, gallop, style, like, caste, poke out, phase, melodic phrase, store, breed, attain, warp, screen, run, contour, ancestry, line of work, torture, distort, pains.

raft, overabundance, bushel, oversupply, potful, issue, stack, superabundance, lashings, unstrain, make relaxed, passel, chunk, wad, boatload, deal, loosen up, gobs, surplus, lump, successor, quantity, fistful, superfluity, slab, posterity, overflow, seed, lot, loads, offspring, scads, bundle, plenty, surfeit, abundance, relax, bucket, mountain, heaps, heir, mess, progeny, mass, overkill, son, wealth, unlax, bonanza, hunk, reams, child, barrel, peck, embarrassment, volume, excess, pile, profusion, much, unwind, overage, inheritor, oodles, overmuch.

Examples of usage:

1) The girl was utterly exhausted with fire- fighting and nervous strain. - "Lonesome Land", B. M. Bower.

2) In every one this old strain is running: animal first, then soul, and mind, and heart. - "The Man from Jericho", Edwin Carlile Litsey.

3) You have only to keep on a steady strain. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.