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Spell check of stitch

Correct spelling: stitch

sew together, agent, prickle, ligament, mending, sting, needlework, snap, suffering, rib, fasten, hoist, inflame, attend, nail, latch, twinge, tether, irritate, ribbing, plait, weld, ECG, crick, closure, braid, weave, bite, bracket, affliction, fastener, bind, coupling, twine, lock, let out, sore, knitting needle, cincture, glue, hook, alter, bolt, middleman, pin, malaise, cinch, chafe, medium, strap, earache, pang, paste, eyestrain, infliction, discomfort, cement, inflammation, cross-stitch, clinch, knitting, electrocardiograph, catch, band, smart, growing pains, lash, crochet, suture, chalk up, electric shock, lace, bandage, cable stitch, wrench, back-ache, soreness, wound, EKG, rack, burn, cramp, painfulness, splice, migraine, cleat, link, afflict, irritation, connect, hinge, ache, seal, chain stitch, distress, stay, hawser, sew, anchor, throe, needle, couple, spasm, hasp, pin up, bring back, pain, chain, chafing, EEG, tie, shoot, charley horse, take in, staple, connector, torture, cast off, agony, buckle, embroidery, cauterize, catheterize, brace, drip, backache, alteration, thread, go-between, embroider, anaesthetize, bond, gripe, rivet, mediator, balloon, needlepoint, anguish, skewer, misery, throb, applique, bleed, tailor-make, darning, bonding, tailor, cast on, clip, zipper, agonize, string, anesthetize, run up, torment, knit, knot, bypass, fuse, bellyache, tingle, hitch, brad, fastening, cotter, rabbet, hurt, stab, smarting, injury, turn up, bruise, spike, binding, headache, tack, mucilage, baste, grief, drain, suffer, clasp, zip, mend, vise, clamp, defibrillator, electrocardiogram, colic, binder, belt, grapnel, guy, button, vinculum, darn, catheter.

comfort, ease, easiness.

Examples of usage:

1) She would have the maid take a stitch or two in it. - "Marjorie Dean High School Freshman", Pauline Lester.

2) The course was set still another point nearer the coast; the wind continued fair and strong; and, with every possible stitch of canvas spread, the schooner went rapidly onward. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

3) " There's only one hat, and I'll have to stitch it for you," she said, " but he"- with a glance at Steve who had fallen asleep again on the bed-" he won't have need of a hat for awhile with that bandage on his head, and when the cut is healed, you had better give him this one to wear, and you will be able to say you have lost yours." - "The Pioneers", Katharine Susannah Prichard.