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Spell check of steep

Correct spelling: steep

proud, dunk, elevated, horrific, extortionate, gently, hideous, take in, uplifted, imbibe, highland, exorbitant, launch, explosion, engulf, undue, engage, engross, dry, growth, assimilate, tall, overextravagant, saturate, eat up, occupy, heavy, lofty, squirt, perpendicular, increase, inclusive, eminent, hose, inordinate, horizontal, sop up, instill, bold, upright, absorb, graded, jump, horrid, extreme, douse, sheer, sky-high, dive, overdue, chargeable, discounted, inculcate, take over, upsurge, surge, diagonal, all-in, abrupt, fall, dump, steepish, vertical, basic, outrageous, dampen, plunk, half-price, sharp, immoderate, inclination, take up, suck up, pitch, conscienceless, unmerciful, big, intolerable, wet, towering, fancy, extravagant, infuse, baroque, exalted, soak, good, unconscionable, devilish, rise, swallow up, immerse, incline, craggy, hilly, gentle, alpine, tincture, bury, moisten, bluff, precipitous, noble, insane, spurt, plethoric, overmuch, stratospheric, lavish, mountainous, usurious, plunge, draw, wring, rake, leap, up-and-down, overweening, stiff, slope, ingest, dip, tilt, upswing, extra, rolling, souse, gradual, usual, impregnate, longitudinal, all-inclusive, soak up, high, erect, wipe up.

flat, base, low, level, gradual, modest, unruffled, short, flush, mean, degraded, even, inferior, gentle, insufficient, stunted, middling, dwarfed, deficient, depressed, minimal, sloping, unwrinkled, deep, horizontal, smooth, easy, reasonable, moderate, soft, temperate, inadequate, minimum, plane.

Examples of usage:

1) At an easy distance from this rock were steep slopes of snow. - "My Attainment of the Pole", Frederick A. Cook.

2) Gordon grinned, though he realized that the trail his companion had set out upon was very steep indeed. - "The Greater Power", Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton.

3) In fact, I don't think it is as steep as the path we came up. - "The Hilltop Boys on Lost Island", Cyril Burleigh.